#FashionFriday with Julie Lynas

Don't get overwhelmed with make-up trends and variety of products out there.  All you really have to do is zero in on YOU!  
One of my favorite questions to ask someone is; "if you could pick only one make-up product to use daily, what would it be?"  Most people will either say lipstick or mascara.  Well, you can have them both!  For a day look that won't take much time to achieve every morning, I suggest to forgo eyeshadow and put the emphasis on your lips. Did you know they sold the most lipstick during the depression?  It was a small price to pay for such a feel good, morale boost.  Ah...make-up therapy.  Using lipstick is a quick and easy way to change your look daily, seasonally and play around with some trends.  Keep the smokey eye for an evening out.  Now all that's left to do is choose a shade and here's how;
First of all, I'll give you a tip.  This is make-up 101 and a good way to ensure that you achieve an appealing look.  It's called the Classical Theory; matching your lip colour to your cheek colour (you could also use your lipstick on your cheeks).  The next thing you should do is consider your skin tone.  So here is a guide for what colours are best suited for you. Keep in mind, if you want to play up a trend, emerald green, deep blues, purples and even black have made an appearance this season.  Lastly, swipe a few coats of your favorite mascara on your lashes and head out the door.  

Fair skin: Burns easily and looks somewhat transparent.  Choose baby pinks for a 'pick me up' soft peaches for some warmth and sheer plums for a more dramatic approach. Look for shades with a cooler/blue undertone.

Medium skin:  burns than tans, veins aren't so visible.  Go for Raspberry pink for a natural flush, apricots for a warm glow and mauves for a soft romantic appeal.

Olive skin:  Tans easily and tends to have a greenish undertone. Looks most flattering in rose colours for a natural fresh face, orangey peaches for a healthy glow and bronzes to brighten up the skin and add warmth (can also be used for a natural looking contour).
**adjust the depth of each shade according to the fairness or darkness of your olive skin.**

Dark skin:  Can hold a lot of pigment and brighter shades.  For a natural look, pick a warm brick or terra cotta colour, don't be afraid of a pure orange or bright tangerine as they are very flattering for dark skin.  Raisin colours, again more of a natural shade that could also be used as contour.  Stick to warm/yellow-peachy undertones, anything too cool will read ashy.

Now one last suggestion.  To create a bit more interest when matching your cheek and lip colours, try to use opposite textures.  Like opt for a shimmery blush and a matte lip, or vice versa.  If you are playing with some of the bolder trend lipstick colours, don't match your blush.  Instead take a cue from the undertone (warm or cool)and intensity of thecolour and then resort to the suggested skin tone shades.