2015 is quickly coming to an end.  As we prepare for the holidays there's a lot going on.  Parties, presents and the event to top it all off, New Year's Eve.  It's always safe and classic to go festive for the holiday season but to prepare for the new year and the event to ring it in, the best way to stay on trend with fashion and makeup is in your colour choice.

Pantone, our colour forecasters have released a list of the 2016 top picks.  These colours can be showcased in both make-up and or attire.  Don't drop the ball, watch it drop, in style!

Drum roll please...

Rose Quartz:  soft, feminine, romantic and very versatile.  Natural choice for a blush and complimentary to an array of skin tones. Rose Quartz is also a crystal associated with love.  Who doesn't love love?

Serenity:  Sounds peaceful and calming already.  Just what we all could use a bit of after the holiday season.  This is a periwinkle blue.  A unisex shade. It's unique in the way that it is a combination of both a warm and a cool shade.  Anyone can wear it.  This colour is also fun and fabulous on nails.  A cheap and cheerful way to wear it.

Peach Echo:  A more subtle member of the orange family.  Fresh, warm and friendly.  This colour adds a healthy glow to most skin tones and is a perfect choice for lipstick pared with a smokey eye.  For any season.

Snorkel Blue: another blue hue.  This shade is intense and vibrant.  Deep and playful.  A modern approach to classic navy.  The name alone sends me to an exotic place.  Beautiful on eyes for a evening of glamour.

Buttercup: Speaking of that exotic retreat. Here comes the sun!  This bright shade in the yellow family has no choice but to put a smile on your face.  A happy colour.  Not so user friendly.  If it seems a bit intimidating, opt for choosing accessories for a splash of this colour.  Start small.  Even the smallest pop will add impact.

Iced Coffee:  The neutral of the year.  Something very comforting about this earthy tone.  Reach for it in your wardrobe staples and it works as a great back drop for any of the years selected shades. Perfect choice for eyeshadow, enhances all eye colours and keeps you looking Au Naturale.

Fiesta:  Nothing says party like this colour.  A predictable progression from Fall's rust craze. Punchy, bold and an elegant alternative to orange.  Warm and fiery, the perfect contrast to all the calm shades. Gorgeous on toenails and a modern alternative to a classic red lip.

Limpet Shell: Scenes from the Mediterranean.  A fresh, crisp, tranquil colour that is often referred to as aqua.  This colour screams beach to me. One of my all time faves so I'd suggest it for nails, eyes and wardrobe.  It's been making an unexpected appearance on lips as well if you're so bold.

Green Flash:  This is a vibrant, trendy version of green. Don't be green with envy, add a pop to your palette and incorporate this colour into your spectrum.  I love an eyeliner in this shade.  I'm personally keeping my eyes open for some patterns that include a flash of green.

And there you have the who's hue of the new year!