Bringing Booty Back: Granny Panties Are Back!

#FashionFriday with Julie Lynas

I normally do a beauty blog, but today I'm doing a booty blog.

If you are into fashion you've probably realized that trends or what's "in" just keeps repeating the past with a new twist or modernized elements.  Kind of like recycling. 

This past summer, I sported a 1950's style bikini and got so many compliments and inquires as to where I purchased such a "cool" suit, I felt like the belle of the beach!  So awesome that I was covering more skin than most one pieces and still felt sexy.  On top of that, I thought, this is a great solution for disguising loose stomach skin, stretch marks, extra weight in the midsection, a bikini line that is in need of some landscaping...and it creates a nice waist line. All this and I was totally comfortable in my body hugging garment.  

With this revelation, I wasn't surprised when I came upon an article announcing that "granny panties" are in.  This shouldn't be a surprise, we live in a day and age of fart filtering underwear, yep! Gone are the days where we felt like we had a perma wedgie in order to hide panty lines and look sexy for our man (or anyone else) by wearing thongs or a g-string. Actually, like a lot of other woman I know, I hate the word panties!  Let's call them underwear from here on in.  So apparently women have been buying their undergarments based on what they thought other people find sexy and not at all for their own comfort.   Interesting!  But even more so is that it turns out, most men prefer their ladies in white cotton underwear and a t shirt.  Who knew??  

Young girls are bringing back the old school larger/longer briefs for women of all sizes and ages.  Goodbye muffin top!  There are a few companies that have been making some pretty sexy, modernized versions of said "granny" underwear and they are flying of the shelves.   
On the flip side, there's been a decrease in thong sales across the board.  You don't have to be a feminist to sport them, there's a pair to make anyone feel comfortable an look good doing it.  One company makes them fun with tongue and cheek (no pun intended) words written across the derrière.  Forget the image of Renee Zellweger in Bridget Jones' Diary, full bottom underwear are hot and on the rise.  They have even triggered a new social media term called "belfies" which means posting a pic of your behind in underwear.  I'm not saying drop the thong, it's about wearing what you want for you, creating variety and individualism.   I don't know about you, but my interest is peaked and I'm wrapping my head around a new concept of sexy.  And if I can be trendy and comfy doing it, panty on!

Here is a list of some of the companies with a cult following that are making this happen:

Me and You (first image)
Ten Undies (middle image)
Hello Beautiful (last image)

Julie Lynas, Beauty & Fashion Expert

Julie Lynas, Beauty & Fashion Expert