Mom Guilt

I got a call from our doctor that stopped me in my tracks.  We had a check up for our littlest one, and were sent for blood tests to make sure her iron levels were high enough.  Sure enough, after a brutal blood test and two weeks, we found out she wasn't.  Waiting to hear that news was daunting enough.  Every day, I supplemented myself with iron to increase my own levels for nursing. I though of every way possible to increase her levels naturally through food.  But truth be told, we have a picky baby.  She likes what she likes and won't look at what she doesn't.  The Mom Guilt started to pile in my heart.  

I stayed up late hours squinting at Google on my phone in bed at night searching what symptoms would be, what other moms went through.

 I searched for every single food that had high iron levels, and bought them all.  Literally.  

And then made crock pot meals because she didn't like any of it, literally.

The torture went on for the two weeks until it was confirmed that she did indeed have low iron levels.  Then the guilt smashed me hard.  How did I let this happened.  Every possible situation and scenario slowly crawled across my mind.  I sat back and had to reality check my self.  Hard.

I think as moms this is what we feel all the time.  And these thoughts are toxic to our mind and hearts.  These thoughts discredit all your hard work.  No mom ever wants an ounce less than the best for her children.  No matter what.

And guilt is found in many forms.

  • Working mom guilt
  • Guilt over putting our babies in a baby jumper to long
  • Taking time for ourselves
  • Missing memorable moments
  • Forgetting your child's lunch
  • Not packing your daughters hat and mitts
  • Forgetting a promise you made


I thankfully had an early morning text message reminding me--our babies will face many adventures growing into little people, and we always need to remind ourselves that all we can do is love them endlessly and do our very best!

If you struggle with mom guilt here is a great article with turning Mom Guilt into Mom Mantras.