Social Media and Moms

This is not a new topic by any means.

Daily we are inundated with images of perfect outfits, beautiful smiling children, yummy looking lunches in bento boxes, clean rooms with cute decor--- and then we close our phones or laptop and turn to face a room that looks like a hurricane just hit, dishes piled high with crusty marinara sauce from two nights ago, crayon marks on the white walls, and screaming children with wads of each others' hair in their little hands.


Social media and the Millennial Mom

Do we enjoy this, or are we all just trying to keep up with each other?

A recent study showed that,

young moms often feel the pressure to present perfect lives on social channels.

Why do we do this to ourselves.  Who are we trying to impress. The same study said that many moms want to or wish that they could shut down their social media.  So why don't they?

Social media is our encyclopedia:

We tend to rely on social media for many things.  And some of those are good.

  • New ideas for activities to do with our kids
  • Sharing business opportunities for mom-prenuers
  • Local events to take the littles to
  • Seeking advice from other moms
  • Sharing photos with our family and friends we cannot see often

But there can be a negative twist to all of this.

Feelings of shame, being alone, failure, frustration, negative comparison, seeking false gratification, creating false happiness...

“Our friends are no longer our friends, they’re our audience, so there’s this competition of one-upmanship,” said, Flores, author of “Facehooked: How Facebook Affects Our Emotions, Relationships, and Lives.”

MIllenial mom and advertising

Companies are smart, and they know us moms are the money spenders, they also know that we are online ... a LOT.  Millenial moms have the most social media accounts and spend over 17 hours online a week!

If you google it, there are white papers on advertising and marketing and product creating based specifically to US.  Mommies that work, have children, want to know it all and have it all. We are a tough shell to break, but companies that get it, get it, and win us over. 

So what does this mean to us.  As moms, we both know how hard it is, this job is no joke.  No one warned us that the minute our children would be born, our lives would turn upside down.  Google and would become our best friend and online mommy groups would be our support systems.  The word Natural and Pure would win our hearts and our social media involvement would influence the way we feel about ourselves.

We just want moms to remember that you are doing it ALL.  You are more than enough.  You do not need to compare yourself to other mommies.  They are doing the same thing as you, trying their very best.  You also do not need to make decisions because its what you see all over your social media, listen to your heart.  

We are here with you always,

Vanessa & Melissa