Parenting trends of 2014 & What’s catching our attention for 2015

As another year comes to a close, it’s fun to reflect on what seemed to be the hot topics and trends of 2014, and what we’re hearing is around the corner for 2015.

 So let’s look back, shall we?

 1. 2014 was definitely the year of parents posting hilarious videos of their kids! But let’s be honest, we all think our kids are the funniest.

 2. Gender Reveal Parties.

 3. Half Birthday parties - Don’t worry this is not on our list for 2015.

 4. Baby teeth jewelry. Still haven't made mine yet. 


5. The normalization of breastfeeding movement. This will continue to grow in 2015! We LOVE!


So what’s coming for 2015?

 1.   The fannypack is back! That’s right ladies! Celebs have been spotted wearing the fannypack. Great for phones, lipgloss and cards.

2.   Cake smash photos combined with baby splash in the tub photos.

Unknown-1 copy 8.jpeg

3.   Birth Collages – One of our favs.

4.   Before and after photos for baby announcements.

5.   Sip & See parties – Have a one time baby showing party to alleviate the stress of planning a million visits when you’ve just had a baby. Great idea!

6.   Sprinkle parties – Baby shower parties for baby number 2 & 3.

 7.   The decline of Unisex names. Among the top names of 2014 were; Imogen & Asher.

On the topic of names, baby name experts are predicting that Disney heroine names are going to be hot for 2015! Names such as: Aurora, Anastasia and Elsa.


 Another trend for 2015 is naming your baby after your favourite character from the hottest non-kid friendly TV shows, such as: Ayra, Lincoln & Piper.

 Although these lists are fun to create and read, the greatest gift of the New Year is to be re-inspired to be the best you, and the best parent you can be. We hope that you’ll start your own amazing parenting trend for 2015.

 Happy New Year!! XO