My top 10 New Year’s Resolutions

Okay, it's that time of year again, December 31st. Time to reflect on the year that has past and look forward to the year ahead. Who doesn't love a fresh start? On the day of New Years eve, I've created my top 10 New Years resolutions/ goals. So here goes! 

1.   Breath. Keep it calm!

Like most parents, I know that raising my voice when the kids start fighting, or having a melt down is NOT the right response. But I am not perfect. So, I will continuously take a moment before I react, breath, and try to approach the situation calmly. 

2.   Let them work it out.

My husband is really good at this one. I’m more of a reactive person, so the minute I hear a hint of a squabble I get right in there. No more. Moving forward, I will wait a few beats or so, and allow my kids to work through their squabble first on their own.


3.   Monthly date night.

My hubby and I always say we need to have more time together. So I will consciously plan a great date night at least once a month with my man. To remind us of how we were before kids, and to really enjoy each other as individuals, and not always as Mommy and Daddy.

 4.   Healthier snacks.

My kids are snaking monsters, and I often appease their sugary requests to keep the peace. From now on I will try and fill my cupboards with healthier snack options, and less sugar!

 5.   Let it go, a little.

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE a clean and tidy house! Over the holidays I was unable to keep my house as perfectly as I normally do, and you know what, it felt pretty good. I’m not saying we’ll live in a pigsty by any means. But allowing more of a mess, and not picking things up right away felt really healthy.

photo-8 copy.JPG

6. Judge less.

This is one I’m always working on.  Don’t get me wrong; I think I’m a pretty good person and definitely kind to people, but as a society we’re pretty judgy. So I think it’s important to keep reminding myself to always work on this one.

 7. Stop the guilt.

Man, what a waste of emotion. But I often feel guilty for not doing something perfectly, or thinking I’ve let someone down when I haven’t. Or feeling guilty for saying no to something I just couldn’t manage. Stop the guilt!

 8. Say what you mean more, but don’t be mean.

I’m a little guilty of not always saying what I feel or mean in order to keep the peace, or not to upset someone. Sometimes there is just no point. But in general it’s important to express how you truly feel about things, or you just feel stifled inside. So I’m going to work on giving my honest opinion more often, but making sure I say it with tact.

 9. Manage my kids entitlement, and teach them more about the world they live in.

It’s not their fault, because all they know at these young ages is really what we show them. I had a very diverse and challenging childhood, and that taught me more than I needed to know at a young age about entitlement. I really want my kids to feel appreciation and also to care strongly about the people and the world around them. This is a big one! 

 10. Laugh it out!

This is definitely on my forever list. I think it’s so important to be able to laugh through the hard stuff, and not to take yourself too seriously. This is something my kids are pretty good at as well. Keep laughing!

 Well, that’s my list. Statistically speaking around 40% of us make New Years Resolutions, and according to the University of Scranton research only approximately 8% of us actually succeed and follow through.

 Here’s hoping I make the 8%. If you don’t have a plan or a goal to where you want to go, you’ll never get anywhere.  So make a list. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.


Have a great New Years!



Vanessa XO