Date Night Ideas

Have you and your husband run out of ideas to get creative on date night.  Some times its hard when your married, to keep doing dinner, movies and wine (not that those are bad ideas).  We just find that as moms, wives, entrepreneurs, sometimes we crave something a little more exciting and conversation inducing.

Check out these great ideas for Date Night!

1. Social Art (group painting)

Painting, wine, laughter, friends and more! This is a great night out idea, starting with dinner and maybe a beverage to help the creativity juices going, next, head over to a white canvas and let the good times roll!. Click the link below the image to learn more about Social Art!

2. Board Game Pubs

How much fun is this! Break out the old board games you played on family night, and let the laughter roll, or have a serious show down to see who will take home the win on Game Night. Watch out, this could get heated if both of you are very competitive!  ;)

3. Friends Bowling Tournament

This can be a great idea to get all your friends together, and have a date night all at once.  Maybe you can let the kids have a slumber sleep over, and share the babysitter (Score on saving some money!)  Get together, make teams, and order greasy pizza.  Go out and have a blast together! 

TIPS from Vanessa & Melissa

The great thing about these, is with a few items from a dollar store or dusting off some old board games, or bringing out plastic cups and turning bowling into beer pong, these can all be done at home on a budget

Remember date night is not just about getting out with your partner. (although some times that is all you need). Date night should be fun, full of laughter and creating memories of you two as a couple again.  

Do not put to much stress on a perfect date night, especially if they are few and far between.  Just go with the flow, have fun, and enjoy that person you fell in love with many years ago.