Gluten Intolerance, what YOU need to know!

Do you think your little one is gluten intolerant.   Have you been stocking up on items that are gluten free? You may, or may not need to.  But here are a few great articles to help you trek through the world of Gluten Intolerance. 

Have you seen these things?

Agitation and mood swings
Unexplained short stature or delayed puberty
Pain in joints
Extreme fatigue
Gastrointestinal issues like constipation or diarrhea

lot of people do not realize that beyond Gluten Intolerances, there is also something called Food Sensitivities.  This is very different than an allergy.  The symptoms can be:

- Behaviour change

- Skin Irritation

- Poor sleep

This is a great article on how sensitivities can effect your child.

If you are already sure that gluten is the issue, here is a GREAT article on how to raise a gluten free child.