Mommy Am I Pretty?

What is the meaning of the word “pretty” as it applies to the question asked by many little girls? Through the thoughtful dialogue between a mother and her young daughter and the beautiful, brightly coloured illus- trations, the answer to this time- less question, “Mommy, Am I Pretty?” is answered in a spiritual sense rather than a physical one. The text is a glorious reminder that good citizen- ship and social character are paramount to personal beauty. The behavioural examples shared between mother and daughter are easy for young children to understand and are socially appropriate actions for both boys and girls, even thought the intended audience is female. This picture book provides an excellent segue into discussion of positive social interactions and role modelling, as well as providing opportunities to demonstrate empathy, self concept and self confidence. An excellent se- lection for reading circles and group or full class discussions, as well as independent or guided reading. Reflective writing, drawing and/or story telling activities would provide opportunities for meaningful, personal student engagement.

Reviewed by Sharon Armstrong
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