What to do on the weekend?

Bored already and the weekend isn’t here… here are some ideas for our families this weekend.

1. In-Door Water Park

This may require some travel to a water park close to you, but what great fun! An entire day can be spent at an indoor water park, just make sure to pack a family lunch to save on cost!

indoor water park


2. Free Public Skate

Most of the Great North is under a freeze now, and a lot of cities have FREE skates sponsored by local businesses.  What a great fun family outing!

outdoor ice skating


3. Living Room Picnic

This is a lot of fun, and is easy to include the children.  Have everyone pick and pack thier favoutir foods or snacks.  Set up a blanket and have a family lunch!  Pack some board games or playing cards, depending on what age your children are to extend the fun a little past lunch!

Indoor picnic


4. Movie/ Game night with Popcorn and Pizza

family game night

Set up a few games on your table, and have some family fun.  You can make do-it-yourself mini pizzas for much cheaper than ordering 2 large pizza's for your family.  Play a few board games, then head over to the couch for a popcorn and movie night together!