Kids and anxiety

Anxiety is a real issue, currently in North America it affects over 18% of adults, and 1 in 8 children face real anxiety issues. 

What is the cause?  What triggers it?  For every one it is different.  

We did a little looking around and found some great articles for parents that are dealing with anxious children:



The problem in todays society however, is that some times medication is the first approach to child anxiety, and there are other options out there.  Here are some tips


1. Natural remedies to help children

Natural Path Dr. Jen is a huge believer in natural remedies like CalmPro, which helps the child to naturally relax in stressful situations.

2. Providing them with skills to deal with worry & anxiety

Worry Cards

Mindfulness in the moment

Worry Box

3. At home therapy/ kid applicable games