She Takes On The World, and Conquers it!

We have started to film and release online webisodes, talking to people we think our fellow mommies and even daddies would love to hear from.

Are you a Mom and an entrepreneur? 

We see them popping up every day as we are out and about filming Diapers & Lipgloss, actually almost all of our season one interviews  we what we love to call, a #MOMPRENUER

Or are you a stay at home mom looking to make an income? What about moms that want to leave the work force and still have some income on the side?  Have you found your passion or are you still soul/job searching?

Well we have a treat for you!  Emmy award winner, top international book selling author Natalie MacNeil sat down with us to talk.  Let her show you how to take on the world!

Never stop learning, loving, and challenging yourself, you can take on your world!


Vanessa & Melissa