How to deal with the winter crazies!

Lets get serious for a minute.  No one loves the winter.  Okay snow boarding, tobogganing, and skating are all fun.  So is cuddling up to a warm cup of hot coco.  

However, I don't know about you, but all the cuddling goes out the window pretty quick here, and ends up with lego tossing, baby doll hiding, kids screaming and paint splattered walls.  The winter months suck! Especially when we get struck with cold spells that it ends up being too cold for any out door activity, and we all get the indoor blues. For mommies and daddies, this can mean short tempers, quick time outs and little patience to think up new indoor activities.

So we scoured pinterest for some fun indoor activities, that looked moderately easy to set up, and won points for awesome!

1. Nerf Gun Shooting Range

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I am not usually a big fan of shooting games, but you can use balls to toss and knock these over as well!

2.  Spider Web Obstacle Course

Photo Courtesy of Confessions of a Wisconsin Housewife

This is basically amazing, and I don't think the kids will get tired of this one fast.  This could make for a great home video by the way!

3. Sensory Tubs

Photo Courtesy of The Imagination Tree

You can do lots of different games here.  Toss Rice, Oats, Pasta etc... into a big and drop in random toys or miscellaneous items.  Gve them a spoon or shovel and send them to town.  You can play matching games, give them a list of items to find, have searching races for more than one child, or create a mystery puzzle that they have to solve!

4. Indoor Scavenger Hunt

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Make a list for readers, or draw pictures and send them off searching for items all around the house!

5. Mock Photo shoot

Photo courtesy of Fun On A Dime

Kids LOVE taking pictures, or having their pictures taken! Give them fun dress up ideas, or let them get creative, hand them a camera or turn your phone on camera mode and let them go to town!



Vanessa & Melissa