Hair You Have It...

Just because winter is coming doesn't mean we should be giving up our grooming habits.  I'm taking about "downtown", having extra hair down there isn't going to keep you any warmer.  It's all a matter of personal preference.  We have so many choices for what "hair style" we want to sport. We can glam it up withvagazzling aka "The Bollywood" or we can take it all off completely (with many shapes, colours and styles in between).  To do nothing would almost be a shame! But howdo we know what to do?  How do we decide on our personal downtown hair style?  Should we wax or shave?I know doing nothing at all isn't an option for me.  Female landscaping and being well manicured makes me feel more sexy and feminine and I have to admit, it makes me feel more clean too.  Just sayin'!    

When we go to a salon, there are magazines to flip through and get inspiration from.  When we go to our estheticians, there's no such thing!  I can't really say I'd want there to be either.  I mean really...would you model to be in that book?  I'm also not about to stare down my lady friends in the gym change room to see what looks good, like picking clothes off a runway.

This is girl talk at it's finest.  Exactly what are all the choices?  What do they look like?  What's most popular?  And what's going to get the best response, if you will, from our significant other? we go!  And I've even included a visual so you can get an idea without feeling uncomfortable or like a perv.


There are many different names for the same thing...

Au Naturale:

Well, no need to write too much because this consists of absolutely no grooming at all!  Think 1970's Afro only not on your head.  Otherwise known as "bush".  Even though Gwyneth Paltrow and Cameron Diaz have been rumored to favor this look, I'm going to say, it's not at the top of the list.  But, if that's what makes you most comfortable and you absolutely must, in my opinion it's worn best when fair haired.







The Classic Bikini:

I'd say this is the most conservative and actually a good starting point for someone who's completely new to this.  The bikini is when all hair that falls outside what is covered by your bikini bottoms or underwear get removed. The strays.  Basically, it tidies up the natural perimeter and can remove unwanted hair from below your belly button and on the thighs. I recommend this as the bare minimum one should do on a regular basis. You can also keep your underwear on while getting waxed.






The Martini/Margarita/Champagne Glass:

A variation of the bikini, but more of a definite triangular shape.  It can vary in lengths and width as well, just like the glasses that the different cocktails are served in.  Hence the names. There is definitely some removal below your belly button to achieve the straight edge across the top.You don't have to be drinking one to be to get one.  It's a popular choice and it act as an arrow leading your partner to their destination.




The Brazilian:

A personal favorite.  It requires a little help on your part too.  Forgo this if you're not comfortable flipping over and spreading your bum cheeks.  You gotta get right in there to do this right. Precision is key!  Unlike the styles above, the Brazilian removes the hair on the sides, underneath all the way along up to your bum.  Often leaving what is commonly called, "the landing strip" .  A small vertical line of hair in the front centre.  It can vary in length and width as well.  Make sure you trim the hair as well to avoid a mohawk.

**This one seems to be a top choice for woman and from what I've gathered a favorite among men as well**


The Full Brazilian

The full Monty!  Taking it all off.  Also known as The Hollywood, it's not for the faint of heart.  It may even give you prepubescent flashbacks but if you wear super skimpy undergarments, this is the way to go without having any worries about pesky hair creeping out.  

**From my research, this is very popular, along with the landing strip version.  It also seems appealto the male crowd**

The Runway:

Is more of a rectangle.  In between the Martini (triangle) and the Brazilian.  It's thicker than the traditional landing strip and more vertical than the Martini.  It's a choice, notone seen too often, but they're out there.





The Bollywood:

Jewelry for the va jay jay!  Think Vegas show girl down yonder.  It's something known as vagazzling or bejeweling; definition: To adorn the pubic area (of a woman) with crystals, glitter, or other decoration.  Another body surface for bling. It may be a bit on the adventurous side but I can't say it's not super fancy.

Creative cuts:

Dye it, bleach it,  put a bow on it.  This is were you can get really creative.  Oh, and they do! From red hearts for valentines day, to bleach blonde star shapesit's all been done.  The best I've heard of is dying it to look like a Tiffany's box with a white satin bow and all.  There's something for every occasion and celebration.

Waxing gets the hair right by the root for a smoother, longer lasting effect.  There are do it yourself kits but if you choose to take that route you must make sure the wax doesn't get too hot and a full Brazilian is a challenge.  I would opt for a professional.  Even then, make sure they never double dip the wooden applicator and it's not a good idea to go over the same area more than a few times for risk of making the skin susceptible to tearing.  Ingrown hairs can be a side effect.  Make sure you exfoliate your skin to avoid this from happening.


Shaving is a quicker less costly option but the re growth is quick and often grows back coarser.  It's safest to shave in the direction of growth and best to use a shaving cream over soap.  Be very careful if you attempt to shave the underneath parts, you may require a mirror to do so. A razor with a beveled head works best with the contours of your body.  Use these tips and you'll avoid nicking your skin and prevent infections at the same time.  If razor burn occurs, coconut oil or tend skin help for healing and relief.


You may have no clue where to go or may not want to have to ask.  With this list you'll be more informed of all your options and grasp a better idea of what "style" suits you and your needs the most.  I've had amazing service and would recommend Christina at ÖRYA Beauty Boutique on Avenue Rd. Or any of the wonderful estheticians at Michael Kluthe Salon at Yonge and St. Clair.  by the way, they both do a mighty fine Brazilian!