Meet The Mothershop!

Today, I spent a half hour in the car with a screaming toddler.  A soon to be threenager, to be exact, who is still deep in the throes of the terrible twos.  After living her whole life in Beverly Hills, my daughter Presley thinks outerwear is the devil.  Alas, we live in New England now.  The pink Baby Gap puffer vest I put on her today was basically a death sentence.  She cried all the way to the pumpkin patch.  We (my husband, my mother, and I) arrived at the farm and realized that starting with the wine tasting was probably the best idea.  Yep, reinforcements were needed, the pumpkins would have to wait.  Presley was actually a dream the rest of the day.  She realized that 50 degrees at the pumpkin patch is friggin' cold, and that the vest actually had a purpose.  Three tastings, one hayride, and one giant pumpkin later, we returned home.  She loved the fall weather so much she wanted to stay outside playing... all while wearing the previously repugnant vest!  Yes, these little triumphs are my life these days.  Sad, but true.  If only a day of fun didn't have to start with a kicking, screaming, snotting tantrum....

When I was pregnant, I had all the ambitions of using cloth diapers, of only allowing my daughter a few very special toys, of personally engaging her mind with my every waking moment, and lovingly blending homemade purees of organic fruits and vegetables into the ultimate baby food.... But then life happened and I'm using Pampers, stepping on a veritable carpet of Little People and sharp Disney princesses, letting Sesame Street be my babysitter here and there, and more often than not I'm relying on the organic farming of Peter Rabbit in line at Starbucks... And that's ok.  That's realistic, and that's my life.

This blog will be all about these kind of real moments.  Have you seen those blogs with the 98 lb pregnant women running around the city outside their multimillion dollar penthouses, chasing their toddlers in 5 inch heels, and telling you where to buy their Givenchy bag?  "Like it to Know It".... More like "like it to know I can't afford it".... This blog is real. And don't get me wrong!  I love Givenchy. I love designer labels, toddler swag, childrens' fashion, amazing kids products, the whole deal... I like to have the best of the best (without breaking the bank) and tell you all where to find it.  Hence the constant shopping, and the constant search for the newest hottest gear. Hence, The Mothershop.  We like to call it "affordably luxe" living.

My partner is shopping constantly.  And I mean, constantly. Don't judge her. These products are ours.  No one is paying us to plug their products, we are featuring them... because we LIKE them!  The photos are mine, taken by yours truly.  (Although for special shoots with our girls we DO hire a pro, let's be real).  We hand pick the best clothing, products, and toys, and let you know how to easily attain these gems.  Our core angles are simple: realistic parenting, good stuff for cheap, healthy food with little to no work, and relatable mommy moments.

Sometimes, I brush out my curly hair.  Gotta get those rat nests out about once a week, right?  Curly haired people will truly understand this.  I do this when a shower is looming in my near future, but sometimes stuff happens, the shower gets pushed back, and I'm stuck with this nasty frizz ball in a topknot for 24 hours!  My point is, life is far from picture perfect.  But when I do capture perfect moments, that perfect #OOTD, or my new favorite thing, I like to post it here.  Enjoy, and welcome.

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