Little Charmers DIY Potion Party with Diapers & Lipgloss


If you're planning your next littles birthday party, tea party, or just a fun themed get together, we have a great DIY party idea for you right here. How about a Potion Party?! You're probably familiar now with that magical, sassy and fun show, Little Charmers, on Treehouse TV. This is one show we are so into for the kids. With great lessons and kind, but charismatic characters, we think these Charmers are right on point as little pre-school role models. So we decided to host our very own DIY Potion Party and let us tell you, it was a hit!! Below we've detailed all the fun that we included, so you can host your very own DIY Potion Party. We've even included the video of our Potion Party, so you can see exactly how we laid everything out.  

When each little one arrived, we let them choose their favourite BFF wrist band! They loved them. Some of the kids even wore these bands for a few days after. We had an episode of Little Charmers on in the background when the kids arrived. The kids loved seeing all the animated characters in action and it really inspired the magical theme, plus the music in the show is awesome! 

You can save the file below for the bracelets.  The remaining printables, can be found at:

Craft Time:

You can print off all the activity pages, bracelets and even wall papers for craft time from:

Make sure to have: several child safe scissors, glue sticks, mini pom-poms, sparkles, feathers, cutting foam to clue on the masks, piping, makers and crayons, basically lots of fun sticking and sparkling ideas.

From the printables we made:

- Little Charmer's Pet Masks

- Little Charmer's Character colouring pages

- Little Charmers e-cards

Photo Booth:

We highly recommend having a Little Charmers photo booth. The kids LOVED it! Simply get a big bristle board, cut out a large square in the middle and print off a Little Charmers logo from and voila! Your very own photo booth. We also bought a little cauldron from a party shop and filled it with fun accessories, like big sunglasses, wigs, boas, a microphone, get the idea!

Little Charmers Photo Booth

Charmer's Treats:

The Potion Party: Magic Potion

Creating a potion with the kids was a lot of fun! We suggest getting three different coloured drinks. We bought grape juice, watermelon juice and a green apple juice for the colour effect. Then each guest had a turn pouring their drink into the potion jar, while casting a spell. Once each child had a turn, we cast a group spell, followed by everyone getting their very own cup of the potion. Magical!!

We also served mini cupcakes with icing and sprinkles, fruit cups, popcorn, mini cookies & ring pops..a good mix of treats. 


Treat Bags:

No party is complete without a treat bag. We bought little boxes from a local dollar store, printed off Little Charmer logos from and placed a logo on each bag. Every guest received a treat bag with a ring pop and a cupcake, plus a magic glow stick wand. 

We really enjoyed hosting our very first DIY Potion Party and the kids absolutely loved it. It was fun, creative, magical and affordable! So if you're planning a birthday party, or fun themed kid's event, we definitely recommend hosting your very own Little Charmers Potion Party. 

XO Vanessa+Melissa