Finding The Best Child Care

How many parents have been faced with the daunting task of finding childcare online? Sure, some of us have been fortunate enough to find someone wonderful, a Nanny Poppins if you will. But others have not been so lucky. We encounter that revolving door where we post an ad, sift through hundreds of applications, schedule interviews, and eventually hire someone, only to have something go wrong or fall through. (And really- who has time for any of this? We're already carrying the weight of the world on our shoulders, what's one more responsibility right ;) )

What is even more terrifying is how often candidates are dishonest about their experience, even providing fake references  simply to land the job. "There has to be a safer, more convenient way to find childcare," I've thought to myself time and time again. But there wasn't! Internet sites like Care and Sittercity had taken over the market. In an age where everyone prefers convenience over genuine human interaction, was there room for an in-person childcare placement experience? Of course there was! 

I have been a nanny for over a decade and have loved every single moment. As any mom knows, there is nothing more rewarding-and exhausting- than taking care of a child. In my ten years working alongside some exceptional moms and dads, I have encountered various concerns and complaints regarding the reliability, capability, and morality of sitters and nannies that had been found online. For this reason and so many others, I set out to start a business where I could eliminate the online component and personally match families with childcare providers who truly loved and valued their job as I have. I wanted to employ caregivers who recognize and appreciate the invaluable role that they play in raising a child. Most importantly, I wanted parents to have peace of mind in knowing that their sitter or nanny was throughly screened. There did not have to be any question whether a candidate was truthful about their experience, or their background in their application. 

Opening my own childcare placement agency has allowed me to be an advocate for families and nannies alike. My sole purpose is to help families navigate through this important process by ensuring that each candidate that applies for their position has the applicable experience and fits their job criteria. You will never be introduced to a candidate who is not completely compatible with your position, eliminating the chore of sorting through endless applications. The process of finding a truly great caregiver should not feel like pulling teeth!

Working with a placement agency like Coastal Care, is a little like working with your own personal HR department. We work directly with you to determine what your needs are and then initiate a search within the agency to find the candidates that most closely fit your criteria. If for some reason you would prefer that we start a search outside of the agency to allow for a wider selection, we are happy to do that as well! We offer on-call care, backup care, date night sitters, mothers' helpers, and part-time and full-time nannies. Never again do you have to fear that dreaded late night phone call from your sitter telling you that she cannot make it in (....we get chills just thinking about it!). 

Because we want this process to be as enjoyable (yes, enjoyable!) and easy for you as possible, we perform all of the screening and hiring tasks including a thorough background check, which is then sent onto you. The only thing we ask of you is that you interview each candidate that peaks your interest and report back to us! In the event that you are not completely thrilled with the new addition to your family, we also offer a complimentary replacement. 

As a parent, you already have the most important job in the world. Our job as a placement agency is to make your life a little easier by finding you the best possible care in San Diego. Next time you are in search of truly great childcare, I urge you to bypass the computer and seek out a more personalized experience. You won't regret it! 

*If you are currently seeking care, please contact Mary-Lauren of Coastal Care at 303.594.0175. For more information, visit our website at*