#MomentOfChange with Save The Children

This year, one of our proudest accomplishments was becoming Brand Ambassadors for Save The Children Canada. 


As mothers, we are drawn to the work they do.  Save The Children, is committed to making the world a better place and are continuously working to protect children around the globe.

When we became moms, both of our lives changed.  Our priorities and perspectives moved in a completely new direction.  Now we have a new badge on our hearts, the badge of motherhood. 

Recently Save The Children started a campaign called #MomentOfChange. We've shared our moments that changed our lives forever and so can YOU! Share your own moment of change on social media (Instagram, Facebook or Twitter) and inspire others to do the same . By sharing your life changing moment, you could inspire others to create a life saving moment for someone else.  Have a peek at our #MomentOfChange below:

It's through organizations like Save The Children, that we can provide a moment of change to someone who truly needs it.  Please take a moment and join us as we head into the holidays to share YOUR MOMENT!

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Vanessa + Melissa