Vanessa + Melissa GREAT Gifts for 2015!

Merry Christmas everyone!  If you follow us on social media, then you know how much we L-O-V-E Christmas. Melissa had Christmas music on in her car in November and Vanessa's family has watched the Elf movie already 7 times. Once December 1st arrives, both of our homes are filled with  decorations. 

We just love the spirit of the season, spreading the gift of giving to those we love and to those who may not be as fortunate during the holidays.  (If you have not seen our blog of 5 ways to GIVE with your children then click here)

That being said, we have had a few different items land on our desks this season, that we would love to share with you for some GREAT gift ideas!  So grab a peppermit mocha, put up your feet and keep reading!

For The Boys (4-8)


We just love this bone catching, emotional, farting dinosaur.  Whenever a toy is interactive, it gets more points in our books. That means the kids will play even longer with it! 

Spy Gear Video Walkie Talkie

One of our guys is a major spy gear lover. So when we saw this video walkie talkie from Spin Master Toys, we just knew this was the perfect gift for any little spies in training! Not only can you hear the other walkie talkie controller, you can see them in the walkie talkie you don't even need wi-fi!

For The Girls (4-8)

Bunchems Mega Pack
Squish, connect and create with Bunchems! These colorful little balls that stick to each other and build like no other. Think burs, but soft and fun! We love this concept. The kids can use their imaginations to create just about anything with these balls. Bonus points for easiest clean up ever!!

Little Charmers - Hazel Magic Doll

If you follow us on social media, you know how much we love the Little Charmers TV series and toy line. We even hosted or own potion party for our littles this past summer. 

Hazel is still a Charmer in Training, but she has a special spell to share with you. Hazel’s Cape magically disappears! Press the button on her dress and WHOOSH! And of course, she's never without her cat Seven. She also comes with her magic wand & hairbrush. 

Hazel speaks up to 8 words/ phrases. One of them is ...“Sparkle Up!”, We LOVE it! If your kids watch the show, you'll recognize all of Hazel’s catchphrases and magical sounds!

For The Toddlers (2-4)

Melissa & Doug

We both love anything from Melissa & Doug. Especially for ages 2-4. Their toys are educational and great quality. Have a look at the recommended toys for 2-4 years. We like them all!

Cling Creator

From Crayola, this is a great gift for 4 and up. You might need to help a little with this one, but once they get the hang of it, they'll be good to go. Our kids loved this one. We have cling creator shapes all over our windows. Be prepared! 

duplo LEGO

We think this is one of the best choices for ages 2-4. The pieces are big enough for a toddler to be able to build on their own and enjoy the process. There are lots of different duplo sets. A great way to introduce the joy of LEGO. Your house will never be the same. ;-)

For The Mama

Vanessa and I both met the amazing women behind Tiny Devotions and immediately fell in love with their beautiful Mala designs.  There is something so special about receiving your very own Mala jewellery, we think all moms deserve to have one.  Malas are meditation tools and are intended to help you pause, breath and realign with your inner intentions (Like all moms don't need a little bit of that, can we say Mommy Time Out?!) plus gem stones that are known to have their own special energy like love, healing and creativity, to name a few.  Watch our latest TV segment of Vanessa + Melissa, where we share our own Tiny Devotions Mala's.  For more information you can go to:

For Big Papa

This year we are both are trying to impress the importance of family time with our kids. Although, we love the latests gadgets and goodies, we also think it's really important for our kids to learn that Christmas is so much more than just gifts. With that in mind, our favourite gift for our hubbies this year are time vouchers. So it's a DIY gift that you create for your husband to cash in throughout the year. 

Here are a few ideas for vouchers: 

1. One voucher for a movie & dinner date night.

2. One voucher for a late weekend sleep-in.

3. One voucher for breakfast in bed. 

4. One voucher for cuddles (we'll leave the details up to you) ;-)

You get the point! We love this idea, because with the busyness of kids, work and life in general, sometimes our relationship time is the first to go. Rekindle the romance and spend some quality time together. It's the best gift you can give your partner.  



For the NEW Mom

First of all we LOVE to #shopsmall!  After joining Instagram we fell in love with so many small shops online.  One that we recently came across is My Lil'Bean.  This is a husband and wife team, that started this company after they had their first baby. Like many of us, they struggled to find quality, natural and modern items for mom and baby.  They work with companies across Canada to create these adorable gift baskets, that we think any new Mom would just LOVE!  Click here for more info:

For the fitness buff



There is definitely an increased awareness around health, nutrition and overall fitness these days. With so many studies out there showing the importance of activity and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, there has been a strong shift in men and women everywhere working to get and stay fit. But we all know that when fitness is fun, the results are way more successful. That's why we LOVE the FitBit. The FitBit tracks your steps, heart rate, sleep cycle and more!  Anyone who is into fitness, or wants to get started on a healthier path in the New Year, will LOVE this gift. You can buy the FitBit from our friends at STAPLES!

For the Dog-Lover

FitBark! This is the perfect gift for the dog lover in your life. Think FitBit, but for dogs. Track their habits and movements for overall health, maintenance and for fun. You can even share the info with your vet. A great way to monitor their overall wellbeing. The FitBark, is a great idea for that pup who may need to get their weight back on track in the New Year! 

For the Mama-To-Be

We recently fell in love with this line, GREEN GOO, from Sierra Sage Organics. Their products are free of petroleum, chemicals and other harmful ingredients. WE LOVE it! WE both tried out several products in the line and they are all amazing quality. Vanessa especially fell in love with the baby balm, for her big pregnant belly. The line is perfectly safe for the entire family and you can basically clear your medicine cabinet, because their lines manages just about any skin issues you could have. 

We HIGHLY recommend you check out this line:

We hope you enjoyed some of our favourite gift suggestions for 2015. Wishing you and your family the most beautiful time of the year! 

XO Vanessa+Melissa