40 and Pregnant!

Vanessa with her kids and husband, plus baby on the way.

I'm going to be honest here, right from the get-go. I've been lying about my age for the past 5 years. Of course, all my life long friends and girlfriends know my true age, but since I moved to a smaller town outside of where I grew up, it's been a little easier to pick and choose what age I will give when asked. Not on anything official of course, well I may have written 1980 as my birth date on a few things, but nothing for the government, I swear! 


I just don't feel my true age, I suppose. This past weekend at a dinner party with some good friends the topic of us all turning 40 next year came up and suggestions of how we should celebrate, Vegas, Miami, NY...That got me thinking.  Am I going to continue this lie? Will I not celebrate my 40th? How weird is that? Then my husband reminded me that our kids don't even know my true age, because I constantly give a different age each time they ask. I usually answer with somewhere around 35. They're just littles, so they don't really question my answer, but my poor husband is now telling me that he's confused on what to tell people when they ask. 

So why do I keep saying 35, or 34 when people ask me my age? Firstly, I find it a little strange that people even ask, but secondly I don't feel 39. I feel more like I'm in my early 30's. If I'm being really honest, I know why I don't want to share my true age...I don't want people to think I'm OLD! Ageism exists people! Especially for women. I don't want to be type cast, judged, called over the hill, especially when I feel like I'm in my prime. With everything I do, I always want to be that person who stands up for others and who's honest, which brings me to why I need to stop lying about my age and embrace being a soon to be 40 year old women. F*** IT! I'm turning 40!!! And not only am I turning 40, I'm turning 40 a month after I deliver my 3rd baby! I've decided I'm going to own it and be proud of it from now on! No more lying or feeling embarrassed to share my true age for fear of judgement. I'm the first one to tell others that age is just a number, so here's to keeping it real. When I really break it down being a women in her late 30's, approaching 40 is actually an amazing time...Here's why!!

1. You are less likely to take bullshit from people, because you have enough experience and confidence to stand up for what you believe in. 

2. You can actually say "No". 

3. You finally figure out your body and what you can and can't eat without getting fat. 

4. You're most likely in a better financial situation than you were in your 20's. Let's hope!

5.  You're way more confident and secure in who you are and your beliefs. You know what you love and what you hate. 

6. You're way better in bed (with those extra years of experience) and hopefully so is your partner. 

7. With age comes the experience to know when to let go and when to stop creating drama out of the little things. 

8. You realize that if you keep fit and eat well, it's still very possible to look and feel as good as you did in your early 30's...I almost said late 20's, but I'm being real here.  

9. You know when to end a night out, so you can actually function the next day.

10. You realize that you either wear a fitted top or a fitted bottom in an outfit, not both.. That was a big one for me! Your sense of style gets way better and you learn to buy classic, quality pieces that fit your figure and that aren't just the latest fad.  

I could go on, but you get the point. At 39 I'm happier than I've ever been. I have a beautiful family and a growing business that I love being a part of. I'm healthy and I'm 2.5 months away from delivering my 3rd child. From this day forward I'm going to own turning 40! 

So I might not be in Vegas or Miami on my actual 40th birthday, as I will most likely be sleep deprived in a rocker nursing my one month old baby girl. But whatever is happening on that day, I will celebrate that I'm a 40 year old chick in the prime of my life.