Tips To Shutting Down Social Media Over The Holidays

So this is it! We are shutting down our social media for 8 days!

Deep Breath.

This means:

  • No scrolling our feeds.
  • No taking pictures and posting them (we might miss this the most!).
  • No responding to messages.
  • No quick peeks.




No Social Media!

Could you do this?  We are aware that our business keeps us on social media a little more than the average mama.  However, we know lots of Moms & Dads who find themselves constantly scrolling down their Facebook & Instagram feeds, it's just so tempting..isn't it? All those funny, cute images on Instagram, plus peeking across social media to see what is going on with everyone else's lives. The truth is though, for some people, it can really take up way too much time and take away from being in the moment with your family & friends..Yes..REAL life. 

We admit it's a great way to pass time here and there and keep up with friends, but it's very common these days to see faces literally 'in their phones" restaurants, coffee shops, libraries, transit..well everywhere! The worst is seeing two people out for dinner with both their faces buried in their phones! Are we right!? Please vow to never do that! 

Want to know about our #SocialMediaShutDown Challenge?


Want To Join Us?

Feel free to use this image, or the one above (just save it to your phone) and post it to your social media channels. Let your friends and family know you're doing a social media detox!


1. Make a no phone at the table rule.

2. When someone texts you, call them back.

3. Take those pesky icons off your smart phone.

4. Turn your notifications off (if asking you to do number 3 is too intense).

5. Play, laugh, have fun! Forget about the rest of the world for a few minutes.  Shut your phone down and just embrace the holiday season.

6. Find a TRIBE (Or join ours) that will keep you accountable and join this refreshing challenge too.

7. TELL YOUR KIDS! Trust us! (did you watch our vlog? Vanessa told her daughter and she was already leaving reminder notes for her the next day).

We know your family, children and your mind will be thankful to finally take a rest, to not have a screen glaring back at your eyes. Join us and take a break for a few short days of watching what is going on in everyone else's lives and enjoy your own! We promise, you can't go wrong here. 




Vanessa + Melissa