How 'Little Charmers' charmed us at Corus!

A few weeks ago we had the privilege to enter the world of Treehouse TV.  Where we were basically the envy of any child under the age of 12.

Whisked away by three "Little Charmers",  we got a sneak peek into the actual creation process of this wonderful pre-school show. From the very first ideas, drawings, and animations, to then experience the characters come to life, is a beautiful thing.  

As mommies it is so cool and inspiring to see the actual thought process behind the TV shows our children watch.  We chatted with the Producers about the empowering messages for young girls and boys within the story lines. You will be amazed and entertained at the incredible process, talent, planning and emotional intelligence behind this fantastic show. 

The Message

Jason Groh, the Series Director, was so interesting to listen to.   As a parent himself, he put so much thought into the lessons that the "Little Charmers"  will share with our children.  

I have a daughter who is older now, but as we created this show I was able to use some of the lessons I used with her when she was little. The idea that I like the best is that just because you can use magic, doesn’t mean you should.
— Jason Groh, Series Director, Little Charmers

We had the chance to watch a brand new character in development, view the Little Charmers Treehouse in 3D, speak with Animation designers, as well as two wonderful Producers about the development of the show, and what is up and coming with regards to toys, books and so much more!

Take a moment, grab a coffee and join us as we get an exclusive behind the scenes look into the amazing creation process of Treehouse's new pre-school show, "Little Charmers". Enjoy! XO