The Constant Battle

"Can we have Taco Tuesday?  My friends have Taco Tuesday!?"

Okay awesome, so now as a mom, you have a plan for dinner on Tuesday and you know that your littles are going to love it, because they asked for it!

SCREEEEECH ... beep beep, back up the mommy hood bus, because you basically have it all wrong.

"Why does my taco keep breaking"

"This is too messy"

tears... pouring tears...

"I dont know why the meat is falling out every where"

and then it comes,

"this is the worst dinner of my life!"


Does this only happen to me?  Or can other moms relate?

I think as mommies our main mission is make our children happy.  I know as a mom I get so excited if my little has asked for something or made mention of something that I know I am going to do, and they are going to be so happy.  But then child reality hits.  What they think they want, they don't want.  What they don't want, they now want.

How come no one warned us.  Im pretty sure all our moms are sitting back and chuckling to themselves right now.

Stay Strong Mommies!


Vanessa & Melissa