Maintaining your baby’s baby-soft skin

‘Moms like us’ search for the best of the best for our little ones to coincide with the many 

health benefits and warnings that are constantly advertised today. But caring for your 

child’s skin doesn’t have to be a big chore. 

To help you take out the guess work and ensure they have a healthy approach to 

skincare from the beginning, Buck Naked Soap Company has compiled three easy tips 

to keep your children and their skin happy and healthy – not to mention, save you both 

time and money.

1. Cut down on bath time

Add valuable time to your day by reducing their number of baths and your sweet pea’s 

skin will thank you. Unless a dirt emergency strikes, young children often only need 

bathing once or twice per week. Then follow each bath with an all-natural baby lotion on 

wet skin to help lock in moisture. Over-bathing can wash away the natural protective oil 

barrier, causing skin to become increasingly dry and irritated.


2. Limit the number of product you use and make sure they are natural


Your little one’s skin is growing as they are! In fact, their skin is much thinner than yours 

right now, making it extremely permeable and less effective as a natural defence and 

protective barrier. Since children’s bodies are also typically smaller, their skin surface to 

volume ratio is greater than an adult’s so their skin is more susceptible to absorption of 

potentially harmful substances and chemicals. 

By limiting the number of products we use to care for our kids’ skin, we reduce their 

chances of developing skin irritations or sensitivities. It also limits their exposure to 

potential toxins and both their immediate and accumulative effects. We suggest sticking 

to minimal baby care products: just an all-natural bar of baby soap, an all-natural diaper 

cream without zinc, and an all-natural baby lotion. This will be kinder to your little one’s 

bottom, as well as your wallet!


3. Keep your child’s skin well-moisturized

Although they often look like our minis, children’s skin is not even considered 

comparable to ours until they are around age 5. Infants and toddlers have much thinner 

and more penetrable skin that does not produce protective oils as efficiently. This 

makes them less capable of retaining the water needed to maintain well-hydrated skin.

Using a natural moisturizer on your children daily can do wonders for maintaining the 

skin’s barrier function, which helps preserve, protect, and even enhance skin. The 

water, vitamins, and essential fatty acids that is helps supply are important to the 

complex system of our bodies and work as building blocks to help our children develop 

healthy, mature and well-functioning skin. 

An excellent way to ensure proper skin hydration is a lotion massage. Whether for baby, 

toddler or child, this is wonderful bonding time with you, not to mention a great way to 

help them unwind and prepare for dreamland. Simply rub a liberal amount between your 

hands and gently massage into your child’s skin in one direction, away from the heart, 

to aid in relaxation and create a calming effect on the body.



Rina Clarke is owner and founder of Buck Naked Soap Company, an all-natural 

Canadian bath and skincare brand. After 11 years in professional marketing and 

recruiting in Canada and the US, Rina founded Buck Naked out of a need for a truly 

natural baby product. Today, Buck Naked carries 9 product lines and over 40 products 

which can be found in 3 provinces, 1 state as well as on line.

Rina can be reached at:

Twitter at @BuckNakedSoapCo

Instagram @rinaclarke