Our trip to a Monster Truck show

"Monster trucks, rev your engines! "

And that is just what they did, when our families had the chance to watch the Monster X Tour live!

What a thrill and what a fun experience for the entire family.  Sometimes as moms, it's difficult to find activities that excite everyone.  We both agreed that this Monster Truck show did just that.

With stunts like monster donuts, dirt bikes flying through the air, monster showdowns, audience prizes and more, this was a fun night out. Throughout this excitement, the evening really encouraged us to bond as a family, while cheering on our favourite truck! The BEAST was amazing!

So what did we love, and what are our tips?

1) Bring a good quality head set: This is a must!  We recommend for safety, that the entire family wears ear protection of some sort, but especially for the little ones.  A high quality set that will block out a LOT of sound is best.  The Monster X Tour sells headsets on site, but we both purchased a good quality set ahead of time uncase they sell out.  The little ones especially, were easily startled by all the revving and the of spinning tires, so having their ears covered from the get go will allow them to really enjoy the show!

2) The lights stay on, so you can get great pictures. Capturing their faces during the stunts is priceless!

3) Get involved.  The more you cheer, the more excited they get! The more the engines rev!

4) Attend the Pit Party! This was such an awesome experience for the kids.  Melissa's son got his shirt signed by the drivers, and it gave the kids (and daddies) a chance for an up close view of those monstrous MONSTER trucks!

5) Go with the entire family!  Monster Truck shows are often thought to be more for boys or an adult event, however we both thought this was a PERFECTLY fun event for the entire family! And It's a great price for a night out. To find out when the MonsterXTour is coming to your city, or town check out their site at: http://monsterxtour.com. Enjoy! XO