Family Game Night

Doing activities as a family is a great way for bonding and creating fun family memories. Now that our kids are old enough to pay attention for longer than 20 seconds, most days.. LOL,  we're pulling out the board games and starting a new tradition, family game night.

So on this past rainy Sunday night, we all sat around the breakfast table and played PAW Patrol Adventure Game. Let me start by saying that if your kids even mildly like the kids TV Show Paw Patrol, they will enjoy this game. But if they act like a #1 Paw Patrol fan of the show, like my son, they will LOVE this game. PAW Patrol Adventure Game, is geared towards ages 4 and up and is a great way to introduce your child to board games.

My son is 3 and my daughter is 5, plus two parents and we all had a great laugh. The kids got competitive, and so did the hubby and I. 

The Objective of the game is to win the race! The pups start at Lookout HQ and race to the Mayor Statue in town. Collecting badges on the way, which can be used on shortcuts. The first pup to cross the finish line wins!

And don't be fooled, through all this fun there are actually many lessons to be learned through a first board game experience..

1. Having patience and waiting your turn.

2. Counting.

3. Thinking ahead, to what you would like to achieve..That's trying to WIN in our house!

4. Cheering on others.

5. Healthy competition.

6. Being a good sport, when you don't win.

7. Not giving up & trying again.

8. Family bonding..this is the best part! 

We love the saying "A Family who plays together, stays together" start playing! 

To check out more Paw Patrol fun, have a look at their site at: 

Enjoy! XO