Nursing Blisters

I have a little babe with a nursing blister, that seemed to never go away.  It became something that she would actually play with when trying to fall asleep.  We would go in to her room in the middle of the night, and she would be constantly rubbing it with her little fingers. In the end even after she stopped nursing, the calloused blister remained because of the habit from her rubbing it.

I hesitantly tried so many things to try and help soften it, because it remained even after she finished nursing.

Recently we were introduced to the OURS line by Cheryl Hickey, and I thought to myself as I put some of the Everything Balm on my own lips, that I should try it on hers.  So I first started out by just giving her a little kiss with my lips, and after a week I already noticed it was softening.

The key ingredients being avocado and coconut oil, allow it to safety soften her gentle lips.  

Now a few weeks later, she asks for her "lippy" and puts it on herself.  Its super cute!