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I have one child whose name is Everett. He is just over a year old right now, 16 months if I did the math right. I used to be really on top of the exact months, weeks, and even days until he hit a year. Then the months started going faster than my brain could process. So now when people ask, I just stick to saying he's a little over a year old.

All the changes and discoveries of my sweet one year old are always exciting and fun to watch, not to mention amusing at times, but I think this age, just like the others, is very hard for its own reasons as well. One of my biggest struggles is wondering when Everett understands “No.”

It's hard to know if he really knows when I'm saying no. If he doesn't listen, do I set him in time out, or is he too young for that? Usually I end up opting with my big 'NO' voice. It's that voice that comes out when your kiddos just aren't listening and takes your 'no' to a whole other levels. (You know the one I’m talking about, mamas.) . It's no longer just, "No, sweetie, don't do that." It has slowly emerged into a long, deep, and drawn out, "NOOO." I think I must need to tone mine down a couple notches because Everett usually winds up staring at me for a few seconds and giggles—obviously, very effective.

I think that is what makes the one year to eighteen months age so hard. Everett can't talk yet, but sometimes I think he understands some of the things I say. Like the other day... We have a glass jar with some blue pebbles at the bottom where we keep our TV remotes. He loves to remove it from the end table and explore the blue pebbles. My husband and I are usually pretty good about remembering to hide it before he comes down stairs in the morning, but sometimes, we forget. Well, the other day was a forgetting day, so he found the glass jar and began sorting through the pebbles. When I finally noticed he had them, he was taking them out one by one and setting them into a little pile on the ground and then putting them back in. I continued watching him, smiling as he paused once in a while to look up at me. He routinely grabbed another pebble out of the jar, but this time, he lifted it halfway to his face, paused, looked at me, and waited for me to look away. Because I didn't look away, I saw him quickly turn his head and throw the pebble in his mouth. Just as he got it to his lips, I went straight to my big 'NO' voice, (because... choking hazard!) and said "Everett! Noooooooo! No, no, no, no, no!" as I walked up to him and removed the tiny blue pebble from his mouth. I knew that he knew what he was doing wasn't okay. I had told him before, but those other times I wasn't quite sure. This time something was different; he wasn't upset when I took the pebble away. I think it was because he did know it was wrong. After that experience, any time he would get the remote jar, he would take the pebbles in and out, occasionally lifting one just a bit higher and closer to his mouth, and without knowing I was watching, shake his head “no” at the pebble and put it back. Maybe “no” got through to him after all. If only I could be sure.  

But then there are other times... oh those other wonderful times. They are the times when I tell him no, and it's like I don't even exist. Am I expecting him to understand “no” too early?

As tricky as my sixteen month old can be, this age is still as fun as can be, and I wouldn't trade it for anything! I want to enjoy every moment of every stage with my child and future children to come. From the blow outs, the sick days, and the tantrums, to the new discoveries, little giggles, and fun adventures, my take is that the simple good times not only make up for, but outweigh all the bad or hard times being a mom, even when “no” is the current battle.

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