The shift to Natural

There is a strong shift in our society today, specifically among the modern parents, and millennials- to buy local, eat less chemicals, and to purchase products that are green.  Many companies are now seeing the effect that has on their business, and some are making major changes to ensure they can keep their loyal customers.

Many parents today worry about food colouring and additives, and are attracted to products that display the words, Natural, Clean and Pure.

Most recently we heard about a major cereal company that probably has a place in every households cupboards, General Mills.  They have just announced that they are removing all forms of food colouring from their foods, first off with Trix and CocoPuffs.  

This is great news for parents, because there has been a fair amount of research studies showing the negatives side effect of food dyes, specifically for our youth.  Other countries area already being recognized for actually banning the use of artificial food dyes. (1)

Here are some scary points that we were able to find about the dangers linked to articifical food colouring:

1. Red 40 and Yellow 5 and 6 contain the chemical benzene, a known carcinogen. The CDC claims that very little is known about the health effects of benzene, despite the mountain of evidence pointing at its cancer-causing potential. (2)

2.Numerous studies have established a significant link between artificial food dyes and hyperactivity in children. An Australian study examining food dyes’ effects on 200 children found that 75% of parents noticed an improvement in behavior and attention once dyes were eliminated from their child’s diet

So we ask you mama's, when you are out shopping are you looking at the messages on the box, reading the labels, and do you find yourself more drawn to the Green and Natural options when you are buying food for your family?