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Melissa and I are so in LOVE with cute baby bibs!  So we just love these adorable bibs from Bibi!

The owner of Bibi, Fazlin, tells us about her oh-so-fashionable bibs for babies!  Head over to our Instagram for your chance to win 1 of 3 bibs she is giving away! Click the image below for your chance!


I am at that stage in my life where all my girlfriends are having babies’ … really adorable babies!

Lately, I’ve been so inspired by the recently trendy coquette blanket scarves. They come in so many great geometric patterns, variation in colours and fabrics and look super stylish with any outfit. I thought to myself, why not incorporate a similar fashion statement into baby bibs? 

Bibi was born to bring fashion and drool-protection together like Burt and Ernie.  But a bib can’t just be fashionable, it also must be gentle and natural for our little ones. We use only organic cotton from local suppliers to create our stylish bandana bibs for the modern baby. All bibs are hand-made, reversible, machine-washable and come with safe and eco friendly plastic snaps. Bibis have two snaps, to ensure they fit your baby and grow with them.

At Bibi we make bibs worth drooling over.

Check out Nayva in her Elemeno and Bye Birdie Bibi

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Bibi will also be at exhibiting at the Stork & Stroller show on September 27th, 2015 at Bingemans Conference Centre in Kitchener. 

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