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My little was up before dawn. We only have decaf coffee. I think the cream has expired. I'd like a tiMEout. There's more breakfast on the floor than in his little belly and he's asking for more. I'd love a tiMEout. We're going to be late for school and she insists on wearing her rain boots. It's 30 degrees and sunny outside. Can't wait for a tiMEout.

The gas tank is almost empty. Seriously? Sigh. He wants to pump the gas. He's two. Not happening. Is it too early for a tiMEout? I rush home to a dishwasher that needs to be emptied, laundry that needs to be folded, and beds that need to be made.

Let me take a second to reheat that decaf coffee and check my Instagram. A little tiMEout. Just a quickie. Great! Looks like every insta-mom I know has already emptied the dishwasher, folded the laundry, made the beds, and meal prepped for the week AND they're not wearing lululemon. GAH! I need another tiMEout.

The little refused to nap. Maybe she's ready to drop it? I better Google it until I find the answer that I want. Does this count as a tiMEout?

Husband missed his train home from work. He's going to be late. How much longer until my tiMEout?

All the kids are in the bath. They are contained. No escaping. Is this my tiMEout? I'll take it for now. I think I hear my husband open the front door.

We read some books. We sing some songs. We share our favourite memory of the day. I kiss them goodnight. I close the door. I walk down the stairs and reflect on my perfect day and smile when I think about doing it again tomorrow.

My husband is a brilliant man. Waiting for me is a clean kitchen and a glass of wine.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh. tiMEout.

We are two moms navigating the world of motherhood. Learning as we go and hoping to discover who we are and what comes next. tiMEout is a place for us to take a breath, to share our experiences, seek help from the experiences of others and hopefully, make some people laugh with us along the way.

Christine is the proud mother of two beautiful girls. Liz is mom to a silly little boy and just welcomed a new little man, who we are loving getting to know. Our friendship started when we became neighbours but it was our kids that made us the close friends that we are today.

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