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Before I had my son I used to be very critical.  I would judge stay at home moms and to be honest I thought they had the easiest job and that all they did was hit up Starbucks and watch the Y & R all day. 

 I would condemn other momma’s and how their kids behaved in public. I remember specifically saying to myself, when I have kids they will never act like that. 

Boy has all of that changed. 

My son Jaxson is almost two and he’s a lunatic. 

Now, I say this in the most loving, caring and proud way that only a momma can. He’s nuts. 

He never sits still, he runs instead of walks, he jumps, he climbs and he thinks he’s invincible. He doesn’t watch Bubble Guppies or whatever other shows my friends all tell me their toddler’s watch. He’s my toddler tornado and he destroys everything in his path. You should see my house by 6 pm. 

Before he was mobile, it was easy for me to go places with him. We would even go for dinner.  Now, we go to the park and that’s an ordeal.

 Last week I picked Jaxson up from daycare and decided to go to the grocery store. He usually loves going there. He’s definitely a people person just ask all of the men he talks to that think I’m shopping for a new husband!

 For Jaxson the grocery store is social hour. He says ‘hi’ to everyone, and when I say everyone, I mean everyone. He will say ‘hi’ to you until you say ‘hi’ back, and if you keep walking down the aisle, he will continue to say ‘hi’ until you do! You got to give it to him he’s relentless. And if you’re ever single and need help finding a man, he’s your guy! 

On this particular day, he wasn’t feeling friendly. He was hungry. Now before you disparage me on my momma skills, everyday when I pick him up from daycare I have a snack and drink ready for him because he acts like he hasn’t eaten in a week.  So at this point he’s already had said snack.

We walked into Sobey’s and I made the mistake of walking into the produce section first. To say Jax likes fruit is an understatement…he loves it. He spotted a watermelon (that’s his summer go- to), and said “melon momma, melon”. He continued saying this and his voice got louder and louder even as I continued to push the cart in the opposite direction. And then crying began, and screaming and then both. What was I supposed to do? 
My little man turned into a little monster! It amazes me how he can instantly turn on the water works as soon as he sees something he wants but can’t have. 

Now at this point it’s rush hour in the grocery store, there are people down every aisle, so there’s no hiding for us. Strangers were looking at me with their critical eyes wondering why my kid was crying and screaming and yelling “melon”. Even other toddlers were giving me cut-eye and probably thinking what’s this mom’s problem?!

He continued with these antics, all while in between the crying and screaming he began yelling “out, out” because now not only did he want the watermelon, he also wanted out of the shopping cart. My pre-baby self probably would of cared that someone’s annoying and poorly behaved toddler was crying and screaming in the grocery store, but somehow things don’t bother or embarrass you when it comes to your own child. 

I decided that the best thing to do since he was losing his mind was to feed the beast. So, I opened up a banana and gave it to him, he said ‘nana’, ate it and stopped crying.  Seriously?! That’s all it took?! I had to open some fruit in the middle of the store and he was happy?! 

Now, I would be lying if I told you the weird looks and stares stopped there - they didn’t. I did just open a banana that I haven’t paid for in the middle of the produce aisle. 

 Our trip to the grocery store is one of many ‘dramas’ that we’ll go through.  Having my son is my greatest accomplishment and has changed my perspective on life. 

I joke about him, his antics and our daily adventures because like they say, “there’s no point in crying over spilt milk”…but if you do cry over it that’s ok too, because there’s always tomorrow!

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