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A day in the life of my Jitterbug




You ever have one of those days where you just think things couldn’t possibly get more intense? Well a few days this past week have been those kind of times.
You know the kind, your child is up all night screaming because they are cutting a tooth. They decide it’s party time alllllllllllll day and you are lucky if they’ll sleep through the following night because they refuse to nap. 
Yesterday started out as they normally do, I wake up to my daughter cooing away in her room at 7 am, telling stories of past lives or future endeavors ( I’m never really sure which ) 
I hop out of bed ( who are we kidding )I’m tucked away in my bed hoping that a miracle will occur and she’ll fall back asleep, blissfully leaving me to sleep for another 2 hours because I was up late studying for an upcoming exam. I check the clock 10 minutes later as she starts to fuss, and nope, she’s not falling back asleep, now I better HOP out of bed before the fussing gets wild and the neighbors think I’m torturing her. 
I fix her a bottle and open the door and sing her one of the many crazy songs I’ve made up, goes a little something like this, “Oh little monkamoo, little monkamoomoomoomoomoomoomoo” I haven’t the slightest clue why but this makes my child smile from ear to ear. 
Brooklynn wriggles and whines until I plop the bottle in her mouth while I change her “Big Ol’ Bum” ( it occurs to me as I write this that I might be giving my child a complex with the strange nicknames I’ve given her )
Once the bum changing and bottle drinking fiasco is complete ( usually consisting of her pushing it away multiple times because I’m feeding it to her and she likes to feed herself ), I sit myself down to grab a quick bite while giving her time to stroll around, let the milk settle and work up a poop. As usual, I eat up my oatmeal lickity split and begin the days festivities of chasing my child. 
Wait a second, I’ve turned my back for a minute and my almost walking babe is into the cupboards as we can’t find any latches that keep them closed so I’ve reverted to using bibs and tied up cloths. SMASH, I hear one of my expensive glass containers hit the floor. I whisk Brooklynn up and walk her right out of the kitchen into her exersaucer. Alright, I’ll have to talk to Dave again about making sure we have some sort of appropriate latching system jerry rigged. I sweep up the glass bits tiredly as she screams from the other room. I have to vacuum anyways due to the enormous amounts of tumbleweed Roxy hair so what the heck might as well do that while it’s out. Once the kitchen is complete I take B out of the jumper and let her play on the floor around the area I am vacuuming, she loves the vacuum and I hope this love continues to grow into her teenage years because I am not a fan and it will be her chore. I am vacuuming along and about every 10 feet the vacuum turns off ( she’s figured out which button turns it off ), this leads to her screaming ( one thing about a teething baby, ANYTHING sets them off, can I get an amen? Poor little thing is in so much pain ) 
As I am unplugging said vacuum Brooklynn goes missing, suddenly I hear splashing in the bathroom, OH NO! Did I flush the toilet? Hopefully I did because it’s been on the fritz. Nope sure enough not only did it not flush properly, Brooklynn is covered in urine and has flung toilet paper EVERYWHERE. I sit on the side of the tub and laugh uncontrollably before starting to clean her up! Mommy fail!

Next we move to supper, my favorite time of the day. Apparently it’s now B’s favorite time also, because she’s learned to raspberry while eating. As I attempt to shovel food into her mouth as quickly as possible to prevent her spitting it across the room, she spits half of it all over my brand new shirt. Now if I am being honest it’s a shirt one size larger than before I had her and it was $8 from the Superstore but it was my new favorite. I laugh wildly while holding back tears ( the lack of sleep is starting to get to me ) and just bury my head in my hands on my daughters food tray. Being the sweet soul she is, she strokes my hair and offers me a half eaten soggy goldfish and all is right in the world. 
Now it’s bath time, her favorite time of the day where she gets naked, I let her crawl around a bit to air out her baby bits and we splash like crazy in the tub mostly soaking the floor and myself. She squeals with delight and I stare on wishing I remember a time when life was that simple for me. 
She screams as I try to dress her because she’s getting tired and once I hog tie her into her diaper and clothing we settle in, read a story and drink her last bottle for the day. 
As she falls asleep while I sing her “You are my sunshine” I am reminded of a time when my mother used to sing to me. I lost my mom to a massive heart attack at our Buck and Doe in May of 2013. It was the best year ( got married and pregnant ) and the worst year ( lost my best friend suddenly ) of my life. So I’ll leave you with this, cherish every moment, the ones that make you want to pull out your hair, cry, laugh, enjoy, reminisce and soak it all up because as a famous country artist ( Trace Atkins )  once sang, “You’re gonna miss this”.

P.S. As I read this to my husband my daughter screamed on queue to each time I mentioned her screaming during the story, coincidence, I think not.

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