A sneak peek inside the Kardashian Kids Collection

On our last trip to NYC, Vanessa and I had the chance to preview the Kardashian Kids Back-To-School and Holiday Collection! We got the inside scoop on what inspires these adorable, fashion forward pieces. 


We were curious to know where the inspiration came from for each piece and the different styles within the collection. We assumed the adorable Penelope, North, Mason and Reign, must be muses of some sort for the pieces and yes we were right. Although we learned that the inspiration behind the collection is always the kids, it seems that each child truly inspires a different look.  Penelope is a little more girly, the pinks and the golds, that is a little more of Kourtney's side of things. North is more the neutral and darker colours and the unisex pieces, and that comes more from Kim.  The uniqueness of the line is that that Khloe, Kim and Kourtney all come together to incorporate their influences and inspirations into the collection. We love the sister collaboration! 


When the Kardashian Kids Collection first launched Kourtney and Kim, seemed to take more of the lead in the designs, since Khloe felt that was more their thing. Since they all work on both the Kardashian Kollection and the Kardashian Kids, Khloe has become equally involved with the kids line and her input is very valued. 

We were also curious to know how they choose the fabrics and patterns for the collection. It makes sense that since Kourtney is very interested in interior design, she pulls inspiration from that and incorporates architecture into the patterns. The girls always decide together and agree or disagree on the pieces that they do or do not like. The fabric qualities are very important to Kourtney, so there are a lot of cotton-blends that are very soft and luxurious.

We were excited to learn that the boys line will be expanding up to size 7 next spring, and the girls line will go up to 6x! Plus the pieces are actually very giving in size, so that the children do have room to grow into them.

Since we love the Kardashian style so much, we wondered if there might be a Kardashian Maternity Collection in the future? No plans for that right now, but you never know! ;-)

If you're interested in buying any of these gorgeous pieces or just want to check out the collection. Go to nordstrom.com ...they actually ship to 97 countries!

In Canada the line is currently available at Babies R US!


The great part of this line is that it's all unique, high quality fabrics and every item is under $50.

Thank you so much Kardashian Kids for sharing with us! We're truly impressed with the fun but elegant designs, high quality fabrics and affordability of the collection. Happy Shopping!