Some of our favourite items and Back-To-School ideas...

A few weeks ago we got the chance, along with some other mommy bloggers, to attend a great back-to-school event. We met some fabulous brands and received some goodies for mommies, the kiddies and the entire family. Perfect timing, as we head back into school season!

We love all these products so much, we wanted to share with you.Take a look! You can click on any of the images to go directly to their websites! :)

Back to school means, muddy play grounds, glue in hair and paint all over! Oh the joys of being a kid again! Both Vanessa and Melissa LOVE The Honest Company, and just announced that you can now purchase all Honest products to be shipped within Canada!  So bath time can be clean, pure and natural, while still getting rid of all those grimy school germs!  

We were SO excited to learn about #NetNanny! We both have little ones who are starting to learn about the internet and the NetNanny is here to save the day and save your nerves about them using the internet.  The 'Net can be scary.

Net Nanny® is the #1-rated parental controls software that protects your family from pornographyonline predatorscyberbullying, and much more, keeping your family safe online.

Okay mamas! We know that our babes are just starting JK, but now is the time to be thinking about their future!  Did you know that without even putting money into an RESP account, by simply starting one, the government actually puts money in to get you started!  This is one company we think that all mommies and daddies should look into!

Let's talk READING, because it is so important, yet we both realize how hard it can be to get your kids to sit down and read.  We were both so excited when we saw the amazing leveled readers by National Geographic for Kids and all the super interesting books that are a part of the collection! This will be a new addition to our family's reading library!

Label everything (said every mom!) Because we all know what it is like to go and buy a bunch of new supplies for school, then to have it all lost within the first few months!  So we went online and purchased our kids these adorable and easy to use Mabel's Labels.  Check out our Periscope video, where we purchased our labels LIVE to show moms just how quick and easy it is!

School is just around the corner and some of our kiddos might need a little extra help, or you might just want some extra help to stay ahead of the game. Whatever your needs are, Prep Academy tutors have the answer for you!  All Prep Academy Tutors are Ontario Certified Teachers, providing the highest quality teaching and tutoring. They work around your schedule, to help make sure your kiddies are ready and feeling confident in their school work. 

We love Staples for many reasons! Their hilarious commercials that play every year right around Back-to-School, reminding us that the time is near!  We also love how they have stylish, fun, and thoughtful school items for children of all ages!  Definitely a fantastic store to find lots of great  back-to-school supplies!

Let's not forget about schedules and how they rule our daily lives throughout the school year. There are a ton of programs, after school activities, events and more, that moms and dads need to remember! We got a chance to try out this amazing Calendar/Agenda from De Ja Vous .  What we liked the most about this cool calendar, is the detachable plastic cover that you can re-use every month.  You can stick regular activities (such as Hockey 6pm, Tuesdays or Mortgage Due 24th) that happen every month on it, so that you do not have to re-write the same items every month! Talk about easy and convenient!