The Balancing Mama


I’m Elizabeth.  I’m a mom to Jack.  The love of my life.  

I also work full-time.  AKA ‘working mom’ I think is the term used.  I’m also a wife.  Needless to say, I wear many hats. Being a mom, I’m sure you also have a collection of hats that you wear.  Hopefully, some fabulous ones ☺
I’ve come to the realization that you can only wear one hat at a time.  Some days, I’m going to be really good at being a mom.  Some days, I’m going to be really good at my job.  And some days, I think I can pull off being an ok wife.  My point is it’s really hard to do it all.  Really hard.  I find that sometimes we put too much pressure on ourselves to be perfect, and to “do it all”.  
This is a snapshot of me. One day of my life.  A mom.  A working mom.  A wife.  Someone, trying to do it all.  
5:45 am   I hear him.  The day has started.  The race is on.  Jack is an early riser.  (I know. You’re probably dying of shock right now).  Today is Tuesday.  A work day.  I quickly run in the shower, and get myself ready for the day.   When I’m done, Jack and my husband Sean, are usually lying in bed watching cartoons.
6:15 am  Jack and I head downstairs to get some breakfast.  He calls it “supper”.  Anything that involves eating is either a snack or supper.  

Jack has eaten two bites of breakfast.  Ugh.  I’ve cleaned up the squashed fruit and eggs off the floor.  I whip together some sort of lunch for me, and make myself and my husband a coffee.  Hopefully we can sit for 10 minutes together before heading out for the day.  Sean to work; Jack and I to daycare.  Lucky for us, Jack is madly in love with our daycare provider, Kristen.  She is a magical lady.  
We’re on our way!  It’s 7:15 am.

After a quick drop off – Jack is usually saying “bye-bye” and closing the door on me to leave, I head off to work. 
7:30 am Stop for coffee.  I usually drink an obscene amount of coffee throughout the day.  I really don’t sleep well – usually waking up thinking about what’s on my ‘to do list’.  I’m working on that with my Naturopath. She’s promised to fix me.   And yes, she has told me – lay off on the coffee.  

1:00 pm – I think it’s important to take time for yourself throughout the day – especially when you’re trying to do it all.  It’s nice to just have some personal time; quiet the mind for a minute or two.  One of my favourite places to go is the Bauer Bakery.  If you’ve never been to this place – it’s a must. Trust me.  Coffee and desserts.  How could you say no?  

5:15 pm – I’m working on wrapping up my day at work.  My husband Sean is usually on pick up duty from daycare, which is at 5:00.  My goal each day is to leave work by 5:30, at the latest, so I can spend some time with Jack before bed. 
5:40 pm.  I’m home.  As I mentioned its Tuesday, so its produce delivery day!  This is one of the things Jack loves.  We get a box of organic produce delivered (it saves time during the week going grocery shopping.  Time is valuable when you have a lot going on!).  Usually Jack and I open it together and see what came.

6:00 pm -we sit down to eat.  Actual ‘supper’.  I am proactive and have meals planned and prepped for the week.  This week, it didn’t happen due to a busy weekend.  Its chicken fingers (Jack’s favourite), veggies and whatever is left over in the fridge.  #momfail
6:40 pm - after some quick play time, it’s upstairs for bath.  

7:00 pm - story time.  Jack is obsessed with books.  He would have us reading to him all day if he could.  We try and limit story time to 3, depending on time.  

7:30 pm.  Jack is asleep.   I sit down on the couch and look at my husband.  Another day done.  We chat about our day.  This is usually the time when I realize how lucky I am.  I run through a quick list in my head.  
A wonderful little boy that is happy and healthy?  Check.  
A career that I enjoy?  Check.  
A wonderful husband – my partner in parenting?  Check.  
I think to myself:  “Sometimes I can do it all.  Life is good.”

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