Sleepless nights call for low maintenance morning routines.......

Including skipping that morning shower.  Whether you slept in, or are experiencing the busyness and high demand of mommy hood, giving up your am shower may just have become a necessity for sanity.  First of all, it's important to take note that by not showering and washing your hair every day you are actually doing yourself a huge favour.  Needless to say, we don't want to make body odour our new signature sent nor do we want flat, greasy looking hair.  Here are my quick fix tips;


Baby Wipes:  you can use baby wipes or Cottonelle Cleansing Wipes to clean your body sans bath or shower.  

Use a new wipe for each body part and pay extra attention to armpits, your (for lack of better words) private parts, feet and any areas where you tend to perspire. My personal fave is The Honest Company's Honest Baby Wipes.  

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Moisturizer:  I'm loving all the new spray on versions. Add moisture and hydration, spray on, rub in.  Goes on quickly and evenly, absorbing deep into the skin in seconds so you can get dressed right away.  I prefer ones that don't leave your skin feeling greasy like Vaseline Spray and Go.


Splash some cold water on your face and pat dry with a towel.  That Oughta wake you up!  

Facial Cleansing Wipes or a 3-in-1 Cleanser: This is especially necessary if you have any makeup residue from the day before or if you are too tired to take your makeup off at the end of the day.  Facial wipes are super convenient because you don't need water.  keep some on your bedside table for easy access on evenings where you're too pooped for a full cleansing regime.   3-in-1 cleansers work well too.  Use a water based one with a cotton pad for normal to oily skin and a cream or milky cleanser that can be tissued off for dry skin.  Try Simple Sensitive Skin Experts Cleansing Facial Wipes, Bioderma  Sensiobio H2O Micelle solution Sensitive or Vichy Purete Thermal 3-in-1 One Step Cleanser.

Preparation H:  An industry secret to eliminating puffy eyes. Dab on a little (keep it away from your actual eyeball!).  It's not something you want to use all the time but it really works in a beauty emergency. For a more natural alternative, steep camomile tea bags in cold water, pat dry and let them sit on your closed eyes for a few minutes.

BB Cream or Tinted moisturizer:  Even out skin tone, brighten up your complexion and add moisture back into your skin all with the tips of your fingers. My go to products are; Stila stay all day 10-in-1 HD beauty balm:  BB creams are one of the newest products on the market to improve the appearance of dull uneven skin. 
Dermalogica tinted moisturizer:  A skin care and make-up product in one. It has a sheer tint offering a bit if coverage, illuminating properties for a glow and an SPF for protection.


Most likely the biggest tell tale sign that a shower was skipped.  Below is a list of products and styling suggestions.  I've included something to address every concern;

Dry shampoo:  It's a must!  Spray it onto the roots of your hair and work it in.
Don't brush hair until after applying. Wait 10 minutes to absorb before styling. You'll end up with voluminous hair that smells great and is no longer dirty and greasy looking.  Try Batiste dry shampoo or Moroccan Oil  dry shampoo dark tones if you have darker hair.

Switch up your part:  Sometimes something so simple can make the difference between greasy to great looking hair.

Pull your hair back:  braids hold better with dirty hair and hide oily strands.  It's also a good idea to keep your hair off your face to prevent break outs.

Reactivate your curls:  If your hair went from bouncy and shiny to limp and frizzy overnight, try a curl reactivating spray,  they're designed to smooth frizz and add bounce back to your curls, without weighing them down. I like Alterna Dry Shampoo Anti-Frizz Curl Re-Activating Spray.  

Frizzy hair:  Tame down those fly aways with a small amount of anti frizz such as Dove style and care frizz proof cream.

Static hair:  Can be laid flat by gently wiping a fabric softener sheet over your hair.  Smells fresh too!

Dry/brittle hair:  Hydrating hair spray.  No need to say more.  It will hydrate your hair back to health.  A longstanding editors choice is Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Moist Mist Hydrating Spray.

Thinning out hair line:  Common after child birth.  Though not necessarily something to be used in place of washing your hair, it's a concern for many and something that takes only seconds to apply.  This has worked miracles on many heads.  Phylia De M.'s Follicle-Stimulating Serum, Connect.

No time for root touch ups?: Get a hair mascara and disguise your re-growth yourself for a minimal price until you can get to your colorist.  L'oreal Hair Mascara come in a good range of colours.  Also,  if you want a powder product use Madison Reed Root Touch Up or Tarte Amazonian Clay Volumizing Brow and Hair Powder.


Coconut Oil:  A multi purpose cure all.  Great for skin, cuticles and will add shine to your nails.  It's also great for just about everything, so it's a good thing to keep around the house.  For a luxury brand option, go for RMS Beauty Raw Coconut Cream or pick up Nutiva Virgin Coconut Oil at your local health food store.

There you have it, fast and fresh!
AND sorry.......Brushing your teeth isn't an option!!!

 Fashion & Beauty Expert, Julie Lynas

Fashion & Beauty Expert, Julie Lynas