Is Social Media Taking Over Your Life?

Mom Panel

For the next seven weeks, we have invited a group of Mompreneurs from all walks of life to join our Mom Panel, on Vanessa+Melissa, our parenting talk show on Rogers TV.  This amazing group of women includes a Sleep Coach, a Parenting Coach, a YouTube star, a Stay-At-Home Mom, a Step-Parenting and Blended Family Coach, plus a Child Life Specialist from Sick Kids Hospital. We love their perspectives and look forward to sharing these segments with you. 

Meet our moms 

Amanda Muse: YouTube Super Star and world traveller mom of two.

Christine Shadd: Child Life Specialist and mom of two.

Rene Roth: Business mama, turned stay-at-home mother of three.

Kelly Bourne: Parenting Coach and mom of two.

Jamie Scrimgeour: Stepfamily Support & Coaching, mother of 1 plus step mama to three!

Krista Guenther: Sleep coach and mama of three!


This week we are talking about social media and how if effects us as moms, our businesses .. our lives.  

A common feeling in the group was... 

I don't want to know how often I'm actually on social media!

LOL! Is that true or what?  The modern mom is online a LOT today, more than we all realize.  It becomes a way to pass time, a resource for parenting information, a way to stay in touch with family and more!

We talk about how to deal with negative posts, friends and family who's social media etiquette might not be the best and ways to use social media to grow your business,while not negatively impacting your family life.

Click below to watch and stay tuned for next week's topic....