The Best Diet EVER.. Is the one that works for YOU!

You have probably heard about all the different diets, nutritional lifestyle plans and crash diets/programs to hep you get fit, lose weight, drop the baby weight or even to change your beliefs around food!

As someone who has a major passion for health and nutrition, (plus I'm very curious about the latest food fads) I took the entire month of January to test out some of the hottest diets out there and have provided you with my full review.

Here are the FOUR types of diets I tested:

  1. Raw food (provided by Rawlicious)
  2. Juicing (PURE Juice Bar)
  3. The Planet Friendly Diet
  4. IIFYM (or Flexible dieting)

Raw Food:

This was a one week journey for me with NO cooked food.  No items are allowed to be heated above 118 degrees.  For this diet, I used the Raw Food Cleanse created by Rawlcious, which was really interesting, because I wasn't quite sure even how to go a full day eating RAW!


I was nervous for this one, to be honest.  I'm going to embarrass myself and admit that almost a decade ago I tried the Beyonce diet (we are talking lemon water with maple syrup and cayenne pepper).  I somehow convinced my then finance, (now husband) to attempt this with me. By day 3 we were both angry and found ourselves at the local burger joint before lunch time!

This diets was a variety of juices and no eating of anything solid for five days! Yes, 5 days!! 

The Planet Friendly Diet:

This one intrigued me as a mother and as someone who is quite passionate about the state of our environment and mother earth. We had recently received a press release about this new book written by Cat Smiley, who is a world class athlete and also owns one of the TOP weight loss retreat centres for women, in Canada.  She just released a new book/cookbook which gives support and guidance to create a healthy lifestyle change, while minimizing your carbon footprint!  I was SO excited to try this one out and learn in the process!

MACROS/ IIFYM/ Flexible Dieting

Okay, so I had tried this before and decided to finish off the month with something that is rather familiar to me.  The theory here is you can eat whatever you want, just within your specific bank allotment of carbs, proteins and fats. Sounds amazing right!!! Well three donuts don't quite fit, but you can definitely fit in some treats here and there.

Click Here for my review in this weeks Mommy Talk vLog!

After one month of trying these is my review

Raw Vegan:


  • Quick prep.
  • Reduces your intake of dairy, meats and processed food.
  • Allows you to receive enzymes (which are killed during cooking) and we were told during our interview with Chelsea from Rawlicious, this is the key to looking young!


  • It is quite difficult to get used to.
  • It eliminates a lot of foods, which can be hard for a family. 
  • You will require additional b12 in your diet via vitamins.
  • Won't always equal weight loss immediately, because you are still eating a healthy amount of food.


EASE (6)


FAMILY FRIENDLY (5) *depending on your comfort levels 


TIPS: Prepare snacks ahead of time like raw vegan protein balls. Take this one day at a time and do not be hard on yourself if you struggle in the beginning.  Try the RAW UNTIL 4 plan first (smoothie, big raw salad and then a clean healthy dinner with your family)



  • Lots of energy from the healthy smoothies and yummy dinners.
  • Easy to include the family.
  • Perfect for any level of nutritional knowledge because she gives you ALL the tools you need!


  • You must be prepared with food to stick to the exact diet.
  • It may be difficult to get used to not eating meals during the day.
  • Once you are done the 21 days, you will have to ease back into adding in more calories again or it could result in weight gain (but she does a great job of teaching you how to do that in the book!)


EASE (9)




TIPS: Make sure to have all your ingredients on hand.  Pre-make your snacks and make sure to have them ready. Read the entire book, because it is full of valuable information for when you are done!



  • Instant weight loss.
  • Helps you get a clean slate and get ready for a healthy lifestyle.
  • Reduces your reliance on processed and unhealthy foods.
  • Forces you to take down time.


  • It is not easy.
  • It is not sustainable past the 3-5 day mark.
  • Not as much energy as you may be used to.
  • Your family cannot partake in the cleanse, however you can include healthy juices for everyone afterwards!


EASE (5)


FAMILY FRIENDLY (3) *the cleanse is not for the family, but they can all drink healthy juices with you!

WEIGHT LOSS (10) *please note the wait lost during the cleanse can come back quickly if you jump back into bad foods immediately.

Flexible Dieting


  • This nutritional lifestyle allows ALL foods
  • You can apply this theory to ANY lifestyle, if you want to be vegan, eat vegan just make sure to hit your protein/carbs and fats
  • You can eat what your family eats 
  • It prevents yo-yo dieting because there are no restrictions and food automatically loses its appeal because nothing is off limits
  • You can eat lighter in the morning, so that you can enjoy a night out!


  • It takes time to get used to
  • You have to track everything you eat
  • You need to learn to use an app and it can be unenjoyable if tracking food is a negative for you
  • You need to learn to pre-track so that you are not at dinner with your family on your phone tracking
TIPS: Practise using the app My Fitness Pal before you officially start, with your own daily routine (not even aiming to hit the numbers) because it can be daunting at first.  Then use a macro calculator based on your goals to find out your numbers.  Be patient because it will take some time.  Seek out resources online to help! Be patient, it can take a few months to be comfortable and you might not lose weight right away.


EASE (7) *once you are used to it, it becomes second nature


FAMILY FRIENDLY (10) *The family doesn't do this, however it allows you to eat all the time with your family and not making you buy separate groceries

WEIGHT LOSS (8) You will lose weight, you just need to be a little more patient.