Winter Energy Protein Balls

Do you have the winter crazies? Tired, sluggish, easily irritated and maybe even a little SAD?  This is not just because of the cold weather. There are studies that show we lack in nutrients during the winter months, which can lead to a variety of symptoms we want to shovel out with the snow!  Luckily though, there is an easy away around this, which is ensuring your nutrition is tip top as soon as the cold dark days appear!

It’s within our human make-up to crave denser foods, as the months get colder.  If you are aiming to eat more local produce, you will notice (unless you live in a warmer climate) that the foods which are ‘in season’ during this time perfectly match our desires for these rib sticking meals. Squashes, seeds, nuts… full of protein, energy boosting carbs and micronutrients that can increase your overall performance in the gym and life.  Most athletes find themselves in off season during these months as well, so make sure that you stock up on some of these winter foods to help your gains over the winter months.

What are some essential vitamins we need over the colder months?

Iron: Feeling tired?  Struggling to jump out of bed into the cold frigid air? Me too!  However, that sluggish feeling that carries on all day can be due to low iron levels.  So make sure that you have plenty of iron in your daily nutrition routine.

Calcium: Bones and teeth.  We all know this and especially during the winter months our calcium stores can dip. Don’t risk a bone break from a shovelling fall and keep your teeth strong, as you might be dipping into a few more treats over the holidays!

Omega’s: The winter can give us a sense of sadness (SAD), due to the gloomy months with less sunlight shining over us.  Thankfully, ensuring you sock up on Omega-3 will help you keep your smile bright (even if it is 20 hours of darkness).

My family just loves treats (obviously) and sometimes it is hard to get little ones to munch on plain nuts for the benefits of the good fats, calcium and protein!  So here is our family recipe for a nutty ball that is stacked with all you need, protein, omega’s, iron and all the other goodies you need to keep your body and tummy happy at the same time!


1 heaping scoop ATP Whey Protein

1/2tsp mountain sea salt

1 cup dried apricot

1/2 cup dried dates 

1 cup gluten free raw oats

1/3 cup unsweetened coconut shreds 

1/2 cup unsweetened cacao

1/3 cup unsalted sunflower seeds 

1 cup unsalted pecans 

1/3 cup unsalted pumpkin seeds 

1/4 cup maple syrup

1 cup sun butter 



1. Chop apricots/dates in food processor

2. Repeat with nuts

3. Add to bowl with ATP Protein, oats, seeds, cacao and coconut

4. Pour in maple syrup and sunflower butter

5. Blend well with clean hands and form into little balls

**If you really want to make these a treat, melt dark raw chocolate and dip each ball in it! YUM!**