The THING about Motherhood

We try and prepare ourselves as best we can for motherhood.


We read all the recommended books, we nest, we buy a plethora of baby equipement, we go to birthing and breastfeeding classes and we listen attentively to the stories and advice that filter through to us from family members and friends who have already crossed over to the ‘other side’.


So when the ‘time’ comes we should be feeling prepared.


But, the THING about motherhood is that the THING that changes our lives to the very core, cannot be learnt from a book, google or from close ones.

When the ‘time’ comes we don’t just birth our baby, we birth a whole new understanding about life, about ourselves and the world in which we want to live and bring our child up in.

It is not the child that makes the change. That makes us feel this THING so much. It is the act of becoming a mother, a parent, a role model, a supporter, a carer, a nurturer that instigates the shift towards our new life and how we will adapt to it.


Everything changes. And you can’t learn how you are going to feel about this THING from others. It is so personal and it’s effected by all your past experiences.


For some this THING and the way it makes our outlook on the world change happens like a lightening bolt and it is magical and positive and all consuming… For others it’s slow, drawn out, messy, painful, confusing and often with the outcome of a silver lining.

A silver lining that comes in the form of an understanding about yourself and the role that you are here to play. It results in an understanding of self and ultimate purpose.


This THING about motherhood might hit you hard in the face and take you on a journey of time travel. It will have you questioning all those questions that you were previously unaware that needed answering. If you have a ‘past’, this THING will hit you hard, challenge you, show you parts of yourself that you had forgotten existed. It will push you to expore your every limit and leave you with a thirst for more.


More than just motherhood, because motherhood for you is not just about raising your children, it’s about raising yourself to be the woman that you want them to look up to, your very best self. And that’s important to you because you want your children to grow up knowing that they also can become whatever it is they want to be, their own very best self. To live with possibility.


This THING also has us yearning for ease. Ease within ourselves and ease knowing our place in the world. It will get under your skin. It will have you working and striving harder than you have ever worked because it is so important to you. It will also be your ally and help you find strength to get back up after failure, because you now know the only failure will be giving up and not reaching your goal.


This THING will have you defining and fighting for what you believe in.


I’ve been on a long journey with this THING and I know what a rough ride it can be. So I’ve made it my mission to support women like you who feel this THING and want to Raise Your Woman and find that elusive balance between becoming your best self and being the best mother you can be and all the feelings that come with it…

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