Keepin’ It Real On Newborns And Stuffy Noses

“Compensation for this post was provided by hydraSense®. Opinions expressed here are my own.”

As a mom of 3, I deal with colds more often than not, especially in the colder months. When I brought my 3rd newborn home, it was in early March and my son, baby #2, had a terrible cold.  I tried my best to keep a distance between the two, but it was almost impossible! I felt so guilty, since all he wanted to do was love his new baby sister. 


Within two weeks, Minnie, my 3rd baby, had her first cold. So, not only was I exhausted from caring for a newborn, because as you know you barely sleep when you bring a newborn home, but a newborn with a stuffed nose and cold is even worse. Since I knew this might happen, I was prepared. I had hydraSense Easydose® vials on hand.  


Filled with 100 per cent natural sourced sea water; meaning no medications, or preservatives for the little ones under 2. These were my go to vials to help clear Minnie’s stuffed up nose. I simply lay her on her back and squeezed 2 drops in each nostril, 4-6 times a day. It’s gentle so you can use the Easydose vials every day. It worked like a charm. The saline helped to clear her nasal passages, so she could breastfeed and breathe through her nose again. 

The Easydose vials are easy to use. I’ve used hydraSense for all of my kids to deal with nasal congestion, through colds and allergies. I can see why hydraSense is the #1 saline solution brand in Canada for children (Nielson, 2016), because it’s an option that works for newborns, and kids. Kiddos under 2 generally can’t blow their own noses, so hydraSense is a way to help them clear their nasal passages and breathe easily, giving us peace of mind and hopefully more sleep! 

We totally understand what it feels like to be a new mom, and sometimes it’s hard to know which products to trust with our precious new babies. That’s why we use hydraSense for stuffy noses from colds and allergies, because we know it works.  

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