Debunking Sleep Myths with Sleep Expert, Krista Guenther

If you're a parent, chances are you're currently sleep deprived, or have been at some point. Getting your kids on a good solid sleep routine can be a major challenge, depending on how you approach it.

In this segment, we talk with our Sleep Guru/ Expert, Krista Guenther, owner of SLEEPERIFIC. She's personally helped both of us with our kids and we love her expertise.

Some signs your children may be overtired include:

1) Falling asleep in their car seat or stroller, even when it’s not around nap/bedtime or on the shortest trips.
2) Waking from naps,  or grumpy morning behaviour.
3) Difficulty waking your child in the morning.
4) Early morning risings (generally before 5:30AM) or possibly other night wakings which aren’t related to hunger.
5) “Tired but wired” behaviour. The child appeared drowsy earlier, but as the day or evening wears on the child is energetic, having trouble settling, lying quietly for their nap or bedtime (think along the lines of a second wind).
6) Fussiness/clingy, general mood decline, especially in the late afternoon or early evening.

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