Starting An Indoor Garden With The Kids!

As we lead into the spring months, one fun thing to do is plant seeds! I think it is such an important lesson for little ones to learn where their food comes from.  They start to really understand how food is grown and that the wrapped candy does NOT come from the ground. Kids love to garden, plant and learn along the way. It's very rewarding for the whole family to grow their own food!

This past weekend we took some old clementine boxes and spray painted them to match our home decor (because they still have to stay inside).

We then headed to Lowes and let the kids choose the type of food they wanted to grow.  It was NO surprise that they each chose their favorite veggies.  My little guy decided on baby cucumbers and my daughter picked out sweet baby peppers.

We filled each of their garden boxes with soil and poked four baby finger holes, evenly spread apart.  Then the kids placed a couple of seeds in each hole, covered them up and watered the soil.

Finally, we covered each of the boxes with plastic wrap and poked some holes in them. We set each box by the window for a full day of light and watched them as they popped up a week later.

What would your little ones choose to grow?

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