Midwife vs. OB/GYN ...What Is The Difference?

Finding out you're pregnant can be such an exciting time! We know, we've both been there several times. So many thoughts run through your mind..boy, girl, due date, have I been eating well, OMG! I drank wine this weekend..etc. Once the excitement turns into reality, you start the planning phase.

One of the first decisions you will make, once you learn you're pregnant, is what kind of care you will choose? A Midwife, or an OB? Every woman is different and we all have different expectations and needs when it comes to our pre and post natal care.

So we wanted to break it down. Do you know the differences between an OB and a Midwife and why you need to make specific choices.

Vanessa has only ever had an OB, while Melissa has experienced both. It's important to know what your options are, so we interviewed Midwife, Shirley Grove to learn more.

Shirley Grove, Registered Midwife at Blue Heron Midwives

To learn more about Midwifery, click the link below to watch a segment from Vanessa+Melissa:

To recap:
The three pillars of midwifery are:

1)      Continuity of care

2)      Informed choice

3)      Choice of birthplace

Remember this is a big decision, so explore all your options and do what feels right for you.  

To learn more about Midwifery, check out the links below:

XO Vanessa+Melissa