I Know Why It's Called The Elite

Don't you just love that clean, fresh from the tub baby smell, or a fresh load of baby laundry warm from the dryer. I do! But let's be honest, life with a newborn isn't always fresh and clean...Enter the explosive newborn diaper. You know what I'm talking about! The up the back, around the sides, up the front, bright yellow mustardy insanity, that is released with the force of something that doesn't even seem possible for such a cute, little, precious baby. So here we are with our gorgeous babe, a babe who literally explodes after each feed. Why all this poop talk, you ask? Because, I have the solution to the poop crisis that you are currently enduring, or will be, once your bundle of joy arrives.


This is NO ordinary Diaper Genie, oh no! It's pretty and it locks in the odour of those crazy poopy diapers, like no diaper genie has before.

It may sit inconspicuously in the corner of your nursery, looking pretty, but there's nothing meek about this genie. 

Let me break it down for you....With the Elite Ultimate Odour Lock System, a double-lock design helps contains germs and seals away odours each time you drop in a dirty diaper. The carbon filter is natural, safe and absorbs and locks in strong diaper smells, keeping the baby's room smelling nice and fresh. No poopy smells in here!

The Elite Genie is taller than other diaper genies, so no need to stress your back and bend over. Just step on the pedal and drop the diaper in and the genie does the rest.

The Diaper Genie Elite Diaper Pail's features include:

This all-in-one diaper pail helps control odours, contain germs and makes diaper disposal easy. Includes a safe, natural activated carbon filter to absorb and lock in strong diaper odours.

It has a double-lock pail design and multi-layer refill helps seal in odours and germs.

The ergonomic design with foot pedal allows for easy, hygienic, hands-free opening.

Diaper Genie Elite pail holds up to 38 newborn diapers.

 Comes in pale pink, baby blue & white...

Comes in pale pink, baby blue & white...

Another great feature is that if you have older children, who you're trying to get to help you out with diaper changing...They love stepping on the foot pedal and watching the diaper disappear into the magic genie. No smooshing the dirty diaper in with their little hands, the genie literally eats the diaper. But they only get to use the genie if they change the diaper. Trust me, as a mom of 3, I know all the tricks to get them to help out. 

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XO Vanessa