Who's Your #BFF?

Okay, so a lot of people think Melissa and I have been BFF's since childhood. Well if you thought that you would be wrong.  We were actually set up on a blind date by a producer over 2 years ago and the rest is history. We often joke the we skipped the friend part and went right to sisterhood.

In honor of National Best Friends Day, today June 8th, and because we love to binge watch our fav shows, we're talking about some of TV's most outrageous, badass, hilarious, best BFF's on the tube.

Our friends at shomi surveyed over 3,000 shomi members to find out how best friends like to stream together, and what they're watching.

So apparently 90% of these peeps prefer to watch their favourite shows with their bestie. Who else can you talk total trash with, who won't tell you to be quiet and engages in all your inappropriate comments and jokes. Okay, Melissa just roles her eyes at mine, but inside she's laughing.

We recently discovered shomi's new series, Playing House. OMG! It's hilarious, and I don't just mean giggle funny. I'm talking can't stop laughing, it hurts funny. Playing House, follows childhood besties as they journey into adulthood with some life altering surprises. Including one we can all relate to, a baby! But this is just the beginning. Ever imagined raising a baby with your BFF? We have! LOL..You've got to watch.

Now who would you choose for a badass bestie?

 This was a no brainer for us, Cookie! Hands down. She's got your back!

We also love streaming 2 Broke Girls, another super funny one. Considered by some to be the ultimate BFF's. If we were playing who's more like who, Vanessa would be Max and Melissa would be Caroline.  Not sure about Spock and Kirk. For Parks And Rec, Vanessa would be Leslie and Melissa would be Anne. LOL..

We hope you have a great #NationalBestFriendsDay. If you haven't already; get some vino, cozy up with your BFF, and get binging on Playing House, on shomi.

XO Vanessa+Melissa