Diapers & Lipgloss Book Club

What are some things that you stopped doing once you became a mom?  For us both, it was reading.  We used to love a good juicy book.  I actually had a collection of both The Baby Sitters Club and Sweet Valley High growing up and you could find me curled up in a corner every night reading. Vanessa's always loved a good bio or romance. 

I think many of us love reading, or at least the idea of it. But now that we have kids, it's a challenge.  Ironically enough today Vanessa said, "We need to start a book club!"

So Diapers & Lipgloss is officially starting a book club for all our mamas everywhere.  Here are the details.

1. Each month we will select (with our mama tribe's input) a new book to read

2. One Wednesday evening a month, we will go on Facebook Live with some wine (and herbal tea for preggo Melissa) and discuss the book

3. At the end of our chat, we will choose the book for the next month

This way we don't need to get a babysitter, we don't need a designated driver when we drink and we all get a chance to read books again!

August Book: A night in with Marilyn Munroe