Potty Training Tips from our #MamaTribe

One thing we never claim is to be "Mommy" experts, but we do have 5 babes between us and we love to share our experiences. You could call us the "conduit" of information for our mama tribe.  So when it came to potty training, we reached out to our own #MAMATribe and the experts over at Pull-Ups, for some amazing tips and accessories for making Potty training fun and successful.

Vanessa + Melissa Tips:

1. Don't force it. When they've had enough, stop, give a break and start again.

2. Create a sticker rewards board and let your little one help you make it. Once they start using the potty, allow them to choose any sticker to post on the rewards board.

3. Accidents happen, don't get upset. You don't want your little to feel discouraged.

4. Find some great potty training books and make it fun! 

Our #MamaTribe Tips!

Smarties....yep bribery worked for us. Also staying home all weekend and letting her run around with no pants, or diapers on.  All three were pretty much ready to go after 3 days. With the exception of a few accidents here and there, which was acceptable

~Nicki, Mother of 3

Practice routine. Kids are amazing learners, especially when they have a routine. I was so shocked when I first saw my daughter at her daycare.  She went potty and jumped right off to wash her hands without anyone asking her! Go over what they should do lots of times, so they can easily remember
~ Sarah, mother of 2.

I would say, every child is different and they respond differently to techniques used. Sticker charts worked well around here and allowing them to walk around naked for a while until they could tell they needed to use the potty.

~ Kristy, mother of 3

As always, make sure to have fun! One way to do that is with Pull-ups and their Pull-Ups Potty Partnership which we used with our little one recently!  For those of you who follow us, this toddler is a ball of energy so potty training had to be lots of fun for her to want to have anything to do with it. So we loved doing the  Potty Personality quiz online to learn just what is the best way to help her learn to use the potty best (she was a puppy in the quiz)!

Take the quiz for your little one and share with us their personality too, or your own #Pottytraining tips!